1.11, officially titled the Exploration Update, is a major update to Minecraft, released on November 11th, 2016.

1.11 is slightly bigger than update 1.10, but still a relatively small update. The main focus for 1.11 is survival mode




Splash Texts
  • "Javalicious edition"
  • "Should not be played while driving"
  • "you're going too fast"
  • New strings within the game were made available for internationalization:
    • World selection error messages
    • Customized superflat preset names
    • Spectator Mode-specific options and messages
    • In the options menu: the words "chunks" and "fps"
    • In item tooltips: the words "Color: ", "NBT: ", and "Durability: "
    • The F3+Q keybindings and text associated with other F3 actions
    • Text associated with downloading resource packs from servers
    • /save-all flush command output
NBT tags
  • New display tag entry for items: LocName for translation strings
  • CustomPotionColor integer tag for potions and potion arrows to overwrite/set the color
  • ColorMap integer tag for filled maps to overwrite/set the color of the marks in the item texture


  • doWeatherCycle
    • Determines whether the weather will change
    • Defaults to true
  • maxEntityCramming
    • Defaults to 24
    • If one entity tries to push 24 other entities, it starts to suffocate.
    • Setting to 0 disables the rule
    • Affects mobs and players only
Curse Enchantments
  • Enchantments with negative effects
  • Two curses added: the Curse of Binding (Enchantment ID 10) and the Curse of Vanishing (Enchantment ID 71)
    • Curse of Binding will bind the item to the player, making them unable to drop it or take it off if it is an armor item, although it will drop when they die
    • Players in Creative Mode are unaffected by this curse
    • Curse of Vanishing will make the item disappear if the player dies. /gamerule keepInventory true will prevent this
  • Cursed tools and armor can be found as loot in some generated structures


  • Evoker - Hostile Villager-type mob, found in new Wooland Mansions
  • Llama - A neutral mob that can be used to transport goods
  • Vex - A hostile mob summoned by Evokers
  • Vindicator - Hostile Villager-type mob, found in new Wooland Mansions



World generation


Minecraft The Exploration Update - 101:35

Minecraft The Exploration Update - 1.11 now live on PC & Mac!


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