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1.11.1 is the second update to Minecraft 1.11, and it was released on December 20, 2016.



  • Iron and Gold Nuggets can be obtained by smelting Tools and Armor. An Iron Nugget can also be received from an Iron Ingot.
  • The cross-hairs of the Attack Indicator will now inform players with an exclamation point if the target is within range.
  • The Mending Enchantment can no longer be added to bows with the Infinity enchantment. If existing bows have both enchantments, they will continue to function as they did prior to the update.
  • Horse Armor can now be crafted.
  • Iron and Gold tools and Armour can be smelted down into nuggets at a rate of 1 nugget per item.
  • Players can now use Fireworks to give themselves a temporary speed boost while flying using an Elytra. This is done by right-clicking while having the Fireworks selected during flight.