1.12 (also referred to as the World of Color Update)[1] is an update for Minecraft that was released on June 7, 2017.[2][3]

Minecraft World of Color Update trailer01:22

Minecraft World of Color Update trailer



  • Advancements – the replacement system for Achievements that can be customized via JSON files and has a tab-based UI
  • Narrator - Reads text in the chat, activated by pressing Ctrl+B.
  • Recipes for items can be unlocked, allowing a player to craft an item without putting the ingredients in their special combination
  • Functions - lists of commands found in the save directory
  • Menu screen - clicking the copyright text will allow the player to see the credits.


  • Toolbars in Creative - Ctrl+1–9 saves the current hotbar to a list called toolbars; Lshift+1–9 loads in from the hotbar.


  • /recipe <give|take> [player] <name>
    • Unlocks/locks a certain recipe for a player in crafting.
  • /function <function>
    • Runs a function, which is a text file containing commands.
  • /reload
    • Reloads functions and more.
  • doLimitedCrafting for /gamerule
    • If enabled, limits players to only using crafting recipes discovered
  • @s selector
    • Executes the command from the command's executor



  • Concrete - A solid color block, which comes in the 16 different dye colors.
  • Concrete Powder - A block that is affected by gravity and turns into Concrete when it touches Water. Also comes in 16 different dye colors.
  • Glazed Terracotta - A block which has 16 different patterns depending on the dye color used to make it.


  • Knowledge Book - currently only obtainable with the command /give @p knowledge_book.
    • It contains a list of item IDs that will unlock the specified items' recipes for any player that consumes it.



  • Achievements have been removed to give way to advancements.
  • Materials tab merged with the Miscellaneous tab in Creative Mode
  • This is the first version to use Java 8, and it is now required to run the game.[4]
    • As a result, the splash text "Now Java 6!" has been changed to "Now Java 8!"


  • Creative Mode - The "miscellaneous" tab was merged with the "materials" tab which is now on the bottom-left in order to make way for the "toolbars" tab.


  • Sheep - Wool colors have been modified to be more vibrant.



  • Maps - dyeable blocks such as terracotta and banners display their own color


The following is a list of 1.12 snapshots. Snapshots are Beta tests of new Minecraft updates, but are not guaranteed to be stable and may corrupt your world. Here are the snapshots as of 19 May 2017:
17w06a, 17w13a, 17w13b, 17w14a, 17w15a, 17w16a, 17w16b, 17w17a, 17w17b, 17w18a, 17w18b, 1.12-pre1, 1.12-pre2, 1.12-pre3, 1.12-pre4, 1.12-pre5, 1.12-pre6, and 1.12-pre7.


  • Mojang AB staff had already begun work on 1.12 features in December 2016 [5], and they had come up with a theme for the update as well.[6]



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