The Minecraft "Redstone Update" was one of the largest updates, with a similar quantity of change to the Adventure Update or the 1.4 Pretty Scary Update. This update saw the introduction of most of the redstone components that are in the game today. For more uses of Redstone, see the disambiguation page.


In many users' opinions, this is one of the game's best updates, because of all the additions.

7366 redstone ore

New Items

New Blocks


  • Scoreboard commands added
  • /effect command added

Other Changes

  • Lava got a new texture.
  • Efficiency no longer works on blocks outside of respective tool type (Ex. Efficiency pickaxes no longer break grass faster)
  • Texture packs were changed to Resource packs
  • More Death Messages
  • Beacon range increased
  • Slime spawning is now based on the moon in swamp biomes
  • Realms added