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Sapling inventory
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1.7.2, named "The Updated that Changed the World" was a major update to Minecraft, released on October 25, 2013. It added many new biomes, new generated structures, new flowers, Stained Glass, better networking, new commands, and more.


  • New splash: "Now contains 32 random daily cats"
  • Fishing and falling now have particle effect
  • 6 new achievements
    • Repopulation – breed two cows with Wheat
    • Diamonds to you! – throw Diamonds at another player or to a Zombie that can pick it up
    • Adventuring Time – discover all of the biomes
    • The Beginning? – spawn The Wither
    • The Beginning. – kill The Wither
    • Beaconator – create a full beacon
  • New statistics: Distance by Horse, Junk Fished, Treasure Fished, and Mobs statistics
  • 7 new commands
    • /setidletimeout – automatically kick idle players after some time
    • /tellraw – write "buttons" and formatted text in chat using JSON
    • /summon – spawn any entity in the game
    • /achievement – give a player achievements
    • /setblock – create, delete, or replace a block
    • /testforblock – checks for blocks in specific locations
    • /setworldspawn – set the world spawn point for all players, even those who have never joined the server or are offline
  • 2 new trees: Acacia and Dark Oak
    • Acacia Trees are curved trees made of acacia wood, found in savanna biomes
    • Dark Oak Trees are very thick and short trees made of dark oak wood, found in roofed forest biomes and require a 2×2 configuration of saplings to grow
  • 11 new biomes: Savanna, Mesa, Sunflower Plains, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest, Flower Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Extreme Hills+, Ice Plains Spikes, and Deep Ocean
  • Over 20 variants for the biomes added
  • Amplified world type
    • Scales up all world generation rules, so it uses the entire world height
    • Almost all biomes can generate huge mountains that reach well past y=200, some reach over y=256
    • Ravines reach down to Bedrock
    • Extremely resource intensive and laggy on slow computers
  • All 16 colors of Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes added
  • Acacia Wood and Dark Oak Wood, and their planks, slab, sapling, leaves, and stair counterparts added
  • Packed Ice – does not melt, and does not turn into water when broken


  • Podzol – a variation of dirt that Grass Block and Mycelium cannot spread on, and does not spread itself. It is only found in Mega Taiga biomes.
  • Grassless Dirt – grass and mycelium cannot grow on it, nor can it spread. It is only obtainable through commands
  • Red Sand – generates in Mesa biomes, and behaves much like normal sand
  • 15 new flowers and foliage: Tulips (Red, Orange, White, and Pink variants), Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy, Poppies, Sunflowers, Peonies, Rose Bushes, Lilacs, Double Tall Grass, and Large Ferns
  • 3 new variants of the Silverfish block added
  • Pufferfish – restores 1 hunger point and inflicts Poison IV for 1 minute, Hunger III for 15 seconds, and Nausea for 15 seconds. It is uncookable, but can be used to brew a water breathing potion
  • Salmon – restores 2 hunger points when eaten raw, and 6 when eaten cooked
  • Clownfish – cannot be cooked, but restores 1 hunger point
  • Potion of Water Breathing – enables a player to breathe underwater for 3 minutes (8 minutes if extended) without the oxygen bar depleting
  • Minecart with Command Block added, but only obtainable through commands
Minecart with command block

Minecart with Command Block


Resource pack
  • Resource Pack menu overhaul with two columns
    • Ability to select multiple resource packs at once
    • Allows for non-manual merging of multiple packs (i.e. a sound pack and a different texture pack, etc.)
  • Servers can now offer default resource packs
  • Maximum total size for a resource pack increased to 50 MB
  • A player can now add new sounds using resource packs
  • Sounds and music are stored together in the new .minecraft/assets/sounds folder
  • Music now pauses when pausing the game
  • Several lighting bugfixes
  • "Saved screenshot as" messages can be clicked to open said screenshot
  • Ability to open a URL from chat by clicking on it.
  • PM people by clicking names
  • Support for both hover and click events on the chat through /tellraw <player> <raw json message>
  • The display symbol for the Decoration Blocks tab was changed from Rose to Peony.
  • Sprint button control added
  • Grouped a few options into the Controls section
  • Music & Sounds divided into different classes
  • Video Settings interface change
  • Super Secret Settings button
  • Language selection now has "Force Unicode Font" toggle
Technical stuffs
  • Logging is done using Log4j 2
  • Network code completely rewritten using Netty
Server list
  • Refreshable using F5
  • Added server icons
  • Added support for multi-line MOTD comments that don't go off screen
  • Hovering over a player count will now show the name of up to 12 online players
Minecraft Realms preparations
  • Now stored per world/server
  • Achievement screen can be zoomed in and out using the scroll wheel
  • Achievements don't appear on the achievements screen if more than five achievements need to be achieved first
  • When a player earns an achievement, it is announced in chat.
  • The achievements 'Time to Mine!', 'Time to Strike!' and 'Time to Farm!' are now obtainable by crafting the given tool with a material other than wood
  • Statistics for blocks, items and mobs don't appear on their respective tab in the Statistics screen, until it is updated to be more than zero
  • Items other than fish can be obtained now
    • Categorized into Fish, Treasure (e.g. enchanted items, name tags, etc.), and Junk (rotten flesh, string, leather, etc.)
  • "Unbreaking" can now be applied to any item with durability
  • New enchantments for fishing rods:
    • Lure
    • Luck of the Sea
Nether Portal
  • Can now allow different widths and heights (anywhere from 4x5 to 23x23)
Thin fog around a player removed
Death screen
  • If a player dies and selects the 'Title screen' button, a prompt will ask if they are sure they want to quit, and give a player the options to go to the title screen or respawn and continue playing.
  • Can now use statistics and achievements to create objectives.

Subsequent updates

There were eight subsequent updates following 1.7.2.

2013 Music Update

This was an update to the game's music assets that was released on November 13, 2013. Seventeen music tracks by C418 were introduced into the game – 16 of which had been previously released on his album Minecraft - Volume Beta, and one additional track.

Four tracks play at the main menu, six play in Creative mode, four play in The Nether, one plays in the The End, one plays during the credits, and one plays during the fight with the Ender Dragon.








Released on June 26, 2014, this update made it possible for additional features to be added to Realms without the need for a Minecraft version upgrade.

New Items/Objects

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