Absorption is a Status Effect that will impact a Player's Health bar in a positive manner by adding "extra hearts" in addition to a player's typical 10x Heart . These Hearts appear in a yellow color as opposed to the typical red. Once enough damage has been taken by a player to deplete an absorption heart (or after two minutes pass), the extra hearts will disappear from the user's health bar permanently.

The number of "extra hearts" that appear is level*2.

Like most status effects, it can be removed by drinking Milk.

Sources of Absorption

  • ItemCSS
    Golden Apple
    - Grants a player Absorption effect for two minutes when eaten.
  • ItemCSS
    Notch Apple
    - Grants a player Absorption IV effect for two minutes when eaten.
  • ItemCSS
    Totem of Undying
    - Grants a player Absorption II for five seconds.

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