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Adventure Mode is a Game mode created by the Mojang team and introduced in Minecraft's 1.3.1 release.

Inside of Adventure Mode you can only break blocks with the right tool, for example, a pickaxe cannot break a Log, and an axe cannot break Dirt. This makes custom maps much more challenging, since contestants cannot cheat. This does not prevent the player from killing mobs, as a player can kill mobs with any tool or item. You can set gamemode to Adventure when opening a world to LAN, or in-game by using commands: "/gamemode @p 2".


Adventure Mode is useful in adventure maps and custom servers; So the player does not mine walls and get into places where they are not supposed to be.

1.8 Change

In 1.8, Adventure was made even harder; You can't break any blocks with any tool anymore, and you can't place them. What you have to do now is put a NBT tag on a proper block to be placed on anything (for example, a button with a Can be placed on NBT tag, can only be placed on that or these blocks, diorite, andesite and granite. So you can't place it on Stone. For tools (Axe, Pickaxe etc.) there's a Can Break NBT tag, which allows you to do anything with that block's breaking purpose (A sword with Can Break tag and underneath Netherrack, will allow the sword to break the Netherrack).


  • Adventure mode was originally called "Dungeons and Levers"
  • Adventure Mode is the fourth gamemode added to Minecraft. The first was Survival, the second Creative and the third one is Hardcore.
  • Due to the mechanics of Adventure Mode, it's often used to prevent cheating in aptly-named "Adventure" maps, in which the goal is to reach the end by a series of trials, which can include such things as parkour, puzzle-solving, outrunning mobs-- basically, anything that isn't placing or destroying blocks.


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