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A dark cave where one can hear Ambience.

Ambience (or Cave Noises) is any variety of eerie sounds that can play when the player is in a dark cave. Ambience is composed of many sudden sounds and can play at any time. Living on top of a ravine, cave or dungeon can cause them to occur in the player's house. Ambience will not play if torches are placed as the player mines or turns off the ambience volume (1.7.2).


Sound Description
Cave1.ogg Echoing steam-train whistle
Cave2.ogg Angelic singing
Cave3.ogg Low pitch orchestra
Cave4.ogg Demonic roar / Wind echoing in a tunnel
Cave5.ogg Ringing
Cave6.ogg A car passing by / Other engine
Cave7.ogg A gong ringing softly
Cave8.ogg Devilish whiff / Blaze breathing
Cave9.ogg An aeroplane flying in distance
Cave10.ogg Echoing bang and violin screech
Cave11.ogg A subway train passing by
Cave12.ogg Loud bell
Cave13.ogg Demonic grunt


  • Ambience do not direct to ores, dungeons or strongholds, they direct to unexplored caves.
  • As of 1.2.1, ambience can now be heard in multiplayer.
  • There is nothing dangerous about these yet, it may scare players. It may be thought dangerous as ambience could lead to a dark cave with monsters inside, but it is not.
  • Ambience was made by C418, the composer who makes the music.

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