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AMPLIFIED is a new world type that was introduced in 1.7.1. It can be activated in the World Generation Options by cycling through until you reach "AMPLIFIED". In this mode, landforms, biomes, and the size of all terrain in general is blown out of proportion. Mountains here can have summits up to Y level 256. The ground level is usually at least Y level 110. Oceans are much bigger, and landforms are extremely out of proportion. This world type also poses a major risk to gameplay as multiple chunks could be dislocated or completely gone. This world type is only recommended for computers with 6GB of memory and above. Small Islands appear in Amplified known as Floating Islands. Strongholds are usually not out of proportion for the fact that they are so deep. There are massive overhangs and cliffs that players could easily fall off of and die. Generated structures such as villages and temples are either completely gone or majorly out of proportion. Also, it is really difficult to survive due to the fact that everywhere is dark (the overhangs) and a massive amount of hostile mobs can spawn, also, you could be stuck on a floating island upon spawning and you can't go down anymore unless you jump and die.


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