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Type Tool
Durability Wood: 60
Stone: 132
Iron: 251
Gold: 33
Diamond: 1562
First Appearance PE 1.2.2
Data Values Hex:
Wooden: 10F
Stone: 113
Iron: 102
Gold: 11E
Diamond: 117

Wooden: 271
Stone: 275
Iron: 258
Gold: 286
Diamond: 279


Axes are tools used to ease the process of collecting wood, wooden planks, chests, bookshelves, and other blocks that consist of wood, but are not required to gather them. They can also be used on Mobs as a weapon, but do 1 less damage unit than swords of the same material, and loses twice as much durability per hit when used as a weapon to attack mobs. For instance, a wooden sword and a stone axe have the same damage, but the axe has more durability, but the double durability loss may make this not matter. Axes can be made from 5 different materials:


Material Material None
Material Stick None
None Stick None


The role of an Axe is to quicken the collection of Wood and wood-based blocks. The Player may do this by hand, but at a severely reduced pace. Axes deal half a heart less damage than Swords, so should the Player be lacking a Sword, the Axe is a viable alternative. When Axes are used on Bookshelves, the Player will not obtain the block. Instead, the bookshelf will drop 3 Books. The most common type of axe made is probably the iron axe, as iron is a pretty strong material that can be found in abundence.


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