An aerial view of a large basin

2012-04-04 12.31.17

A Basin covered in sand.

In Minecraft, a Basin is a type of Biome in which Stone and Ores are exposed. Basins could be considered "chunk errors" because of how they appear out of nowhere and in strange areas. However, they are not. Basins can be helpful as they generally have exposed Coal and Iron Ore, making them a quick and easy way to start, as the player can get some useful materials early on. At very low altitudes, one may find Redstone Ore if they are lucky.


  • There is a rare chance where Basins will generate around a Ravine.
  • Basins do not point to generated structures like Dungeons and Villages, despite claims that they do.
  • Basins can stretch to many places, including ravines, dungeons, and even Abandoned Mine Shafts.
  • Basins can appear in any biome type.
2012-05-03 18.38.29

A huge area of basin with some pigs.

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