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First Appearance Beta 1.3 (February 22, 2011)
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Any tool
Data Values Hex: 163(Item)
Obeys Physics?
A bed is an item crafted with three wooden planks and three wool blocks of any color. Right-clicking them during nighttime will make the player "sleep" and the game will be skipped to daytime. Enemies can intrude if the player fails to implement a safe roof or ceiling. Different colored wool can be used to create a bed; this will make no difference in the outcome. Sleeping on the bed changes your spawn point to the bed.

When the player attempts to sleep during a time in which there is light, a message will say on the bottom of the interface that "You can only sleep at night." Another message can be received when trying to sleep too close to hostile or neutral mobs saying "You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby."


None None None
Wool Wool Wool
Wood Planks Wood Planks Wood Planks


  • It is possible to destroy a bed while you are on it by simply aiming slightly downward. After you do, though, touching a 2x1 wall or ceiling will cause damage, and walking into a corner will show suffocation. This will continue until you go back to sleep for the night.
  • If one places their bed one block under a ceiling, the player will suffocate when awaking from sleep, causing damage.
  • If a player places a bed in The Nether or The End, it will explode if right-clicked. An exploding bed is more powerful than a regular creeper, and can leave behind harmful fires and a big hole in the earth. The exploding bed is a reference to one of the lyrics in Notorious B.I.G's song "Suicidal Thoughts"
  • You can access your inventory while sleeping.
  • During the Beta version, if you place your bed near a wall, a Zombie or a Skeleton will spawn beside you.
  • If you have a wooden house and it burns but the floor is still intact, the Bed will just simply fall down, even if it doesn't obey physics.


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