• FoxyOnConsole

    Name: Mugbi's Pickax Synopsis and description: You are a Mesa explorer and cave diver with an insatiable thirst for adventure on your brave donkey Bobo. You stumble upon a strange sign that explains the great Mugbi's Pickax and the Adventurers Curse. Only Mugbi's Pic can mine the one obsidian block to glory and fortune. Setting: initially a mesa gold mine Release Date: Unknown still in early stages of development

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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • Secretsaucery38


    July 17, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    Does anyone on here like silver chair?

    Yours truly


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  • Gingerninger5120

    If there were cooler weponds in minecraft it would make the game more interestingand fun.

    But i think the weponds should still be old fashond because it's minecraft



    throughing knifes

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  • Mat tem the emerald minecart

    First of i might have a new picture of a emerald i do not know how it happened but i do any way wil you please subscribe i really need subs so if you like my vids search:


    You have to type that exactly so that you get my vids so please subscribe and join team tem and help me make the emerald dimention i have some vids already set so if you are first to ask you will be able to make a video with me and become populer! :)

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  • Minecraft doge
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  • Randomness555

    I can not wait for 1.9!!! How about you???

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  • Mat tem the emerald minecart

    The emerald minecart is the best you tuber ever apart from dantdm and popuramos he makes videos for you tube so he is the best.

    The emerald dimention will soon be out in 2-4 weeks if you like watching my vids on you tube subscribe and leave a like enjoj my blogs and my minecraft episodes on you tube!:)

    If you like my vids please subscribe and join team tem thanks!:)

    Who likes mat tem pleaeaeaease subscribe to me. :)


    tararria not tararria

    The mods for minecraft i have and will make a video of soon on the lucky blocks and the emerald torture games are:






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  • PoolTable2567

    A server calld Killion Detention Co. is a fun non-op prison server, but here are some things that make it kind of "ehh":

    Don't mute people for 3 hours just because you accused them.

    Don't kill people, claim they did something and not give give their items back.

    Don't say someone broke the rules when they did not.

    Don't kill poeple for no reason, then give them open for a ban for something they started. (even though you technically started it)

    Don't make people drop the soap.

    If these things didn't happen, this server would be one of my favorites. Sadly it's only my 7th favorite. I give it a 7/10.

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  • Minecrafthusky

    about me

    June 24, 2015 by Minecrafthusky

    okay hi everyone im here to talk about me i play animal jam and my user:wolf46712 so if you wanna be friends buddy me

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  • Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    This time I am actually bored. NOTHING TO DO!!!

    Plz chat with me cuz I need somthin 2 talk about.


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  • Secretsaucery38

    Just so bored!

    June 23, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    I'm just so sick of people trolling me in MC on XBOX LIVE. It's getting annoying. Mining emralds with a wooden pickaxe on purpose when i tell them not to, blowing up my house, that kinda stuff.

    Also, alot of people have been on the MC wiki and made accounts THNKS 2 ME!!!! No one seems to appriciate the time and effort i've put in to help them be apart of this world of wonder! SO NO NEED TO THANK ME!!! (obious sarcasm)


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  • LucasWill211

    blog1 ones upon time there was a bad men called herobrine he stole stuff and killed people and steve kick a soccer ball and and said hohohohoho he was acting like santa claus and it was christmas and herobrine did not get nothing and he went shoping and kick people ass he got kick out and went to jail for 4 months and he whas swearing and steve was saying hohohohoho he diomond armar and herobrine lost hes good good armar and steve got it and heobrine got killed becase he punch a police men and l for leeeeee was there and was saying cakecakecake and herobrine went to helll 

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  • GiraffeGaming

    Check out my new wiki page its called Roblox Fans

    Here is a link to it:

    Have FUN!!!


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  • XxMCProLeopardxX


    June 20, 2015 by XxMCProLeopardxX
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  • Comrade SS

    The wiki is in critical condition and a multitude of the admins are gone, inactive, or simply refuse to help at the moment. Spam pages, articles need clean up, trolls, and we don't the have the man power. I've been considering adopting the wiki and then adding a few more people as admins who are active. What do you guys think?

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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


    comment if you want to know more about cave spiders or herobrine

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  • Secretsaucery38

    SCORE 3

    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    JUST GOT 4 PEOPLE ON MC WIKI (diamondlover328)

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  • LemonsAreDemons


    June 19, 2015 by LemonsAreDemons

    hey! so i'm new to the whole Minecraft Wiki thing but lemme get one thing straight.

    i don't really like minecraft

    i only play if my friend is online.

    thats all.

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  • Secretsaucery38

    SCORE 2

    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 18, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


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  • Kittyminecraft

    If anyone wants to be friends just talk to me because every smile makes me smile

    i wish this was a minecraft flower too

    see you later and if there are some questions that you would like to ask plz ask do not be afraid.

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  • ChristinaWill

    Hi Im Christina

    June 17, 2015 by ChristinaWill

    How will you know you have a Best Friend

    • A Best Friend Will always have your back. If you dont think your bestfriend cares about you dont bother and express yourself for new friends!
    • If you are very close to your friend i think you will have them for ever but if they dont really care about you and they leave you out replaced for other friends just ignore dont talk to them find other real great friends and then they will be jealous and take you back for granted dont except that only if theyreally want you...
    • If your looking for new friends be yourself in everyway even if your the craziest weirdo on earth or a confused nerd try to find your own to getting great friends.

    Hope you liked it for my new blog 1if you liked it please comment and if yo…

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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 15, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


    comment if you want to know about endermen or herobrine

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  • PoolTable2567

    A server called GammaMC has players unexplainably mean. I got muted for apparenly fighting with staff (didnt do), starting a fight (again not my fault). Someone, who should've known better cause they were a donor,told them to mute me. I said someone hacked, cause they did, and they started the fight. So tell the minecraft creators to remove these accounts: chikenbutt21 and Happysrihacks. Report now please.

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  • AproExo

    For quite a while now, creative servers on Minecraft had a high amount of griefing, so my idea would be that you can only destroy blocks you have placed, or make building available to special users only while the regular users can only explore. So, what do you think?

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  • Minecrafthusky

    well what I know about minecraft is that to never look into the eyes of an enderman and that you can turn a cow into a mooshroom by putting a mushroom onto the cow and that is all I can say now sorry

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  • HyperTails17

    Furniture Ideas

    May 31, 2015 by HyperTails17

    Hi guys. I'm new here. Can i ask for furniture ideas for a big house plz. I am out of ideas right now and i need help.

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  • Gabriponte


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  • OverratedPizza

    Survival Tips

    May 11, 2015 by OverratedPizza

    If you are having trouble surviving nights in Minecraft, look no further than this blog post. Here are some survival tips.


    • You don't need a pretty first-night shelter. Just focus on survival.
    • Natural formations can save mining effort.
    • Put a single gap in your shelter (Unless you have glass) to see mobs and daylight.
    • If you do not have a window cover, dig an L-shaped gap so a skeleton cannot shoot you.


    • If you have not collected coal, burn wood with wood in your furnace to make charcoal, an alternative to coal.
    • Furnaces provide a light source when cooking. 
    • You may not need food as a priority untill the second day.

    Time Management

    • First, mine trees untill you have at least 16 wood blocks..
    • Then make wood planks and a crafting table.
    • Then mak…

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  • Deadpunk1

    El Mod de HelldogMadness

    Link del Mod:

    Hola es te es mi primer mod el cual esta dedicado al rey del parkour mas chachipistachi del mundo, HelldogMadnes

    en la parte de abajo podras encontrar todos los crafteos.

    Este Ore se pica con hierro y te dropea 4 de lingote madafaka.

    Este Nuevo ore tambien se pica con hierro y te dropea la mena la cual tendras que poner en el horno

    y te dara 1 de lingotechahipistachi

    Todos los crafteos.


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  • Alpha Ranger

    A Cool Website

    May 3, 2015 by Alpha Ranger

    I found a cool website where you can make minecraft achievements here are ones I made.

    Here is a link to the website if you want to test this out:

    Here are the achievements.

    The "#" section is for the achievements I made. If a section has # and 1 under it that is the first achievement i made.

    All links are above.

    Title Description Picture #
    Dog Person Tame 10 Dogs. A Wolf 1
    Sugar Tooth Craft and eat a cookie. A Cookie 2

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  • PoolTable2567

    Starting Today, for me, I will post weekly blogs on a mc server I like or don't like. Kay? GOOD!!

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  • PoolTable2567

    I used to love MC Legends. Especialy the prison. I mean I'm right now nicknamed LolParty. But the prison is now HORIBLE!! Bullies everwhere. Faults and flaws around every corner. I'll start with the worst. His real MC IGN is NickPvP_. He has legend. But boy do they abuse it. I mean super speed, too OP Swords, good armor. Worse part is they run around Acolyte PVP mine like they own the server. He's just a d*ck. A floppy one too. Next is the realms. Scams and sizes. There are too many scams and the realms are too small. Finally, oh gawd, the noobs. Armorlesses try to take you down like THEY own the place. 

    These are some of the many reasons MC Legends needs WAY more staff and why NickPvP_ be banned for life.

    Elite rank ftw. Pay meh 400,000,000…

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  • Nurp-Naut

    Recommended Server!

    April 28, 2015 by Nurp-Naut


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  • JCGaming


    April 21, 2015 by JCGaming

    Lol sorry I put it Minecraf. Anyway guys ends here. New video on YouTube

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  • IndyKindy


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  • MackMonster2017
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  • Baeao2152368249q06uy 093q4wmf694ew


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  • MackMonster2017

    Hello!so i go onto realms one day and i find that and find out that literaly everything was greifed.not even one of my inventions was standing.thankfully the greifer was still online so i found out who it was.he said that deserved every single bit of it.i dont remember what started it.but it sounded like something i said.(i was quiet most of the time seeing as i was occupied with finishing my projects) whatever i said mustve completly popped his top (litteraly his skin was a trash can).i would send some pictures but of course,i didnt take any.i was too busy rushing to do a there you go.that was my first and so far my worse greif ever.and of course the realms wouldnt even let me use /ban or /kick.wich i quite frankly find stupid …

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  • TheGuysCast

    Here are ideas for 1.9 and 2.0 of the PC version.

    1. More Ores: I know this is a bit unoriginal but I want it in as we have only 7 or so ores at the moment, here are my ideas in a mini list,

    Rubies: slightly stronger than Diamond

    Sapphire: slightly less strong than Diamond

    Topaz: Orange in color and slightly stronger than Iron

    Amethyst: Slightly less strong than Iron

    Jade: Highest level of strength, far above Diamond, design is like Emerald but in the normal ore style of design. Replaces demand for Emerald Tools as essentially is is what everyone wants in Emerald Tools but a different mineral as Mojang would want to keep emeralds to just trading purposes.

    Lead: Right in between Iron and Diamond, color is a dark grey.

    2. Minecart upgrade: minor ch…

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  • Four4

    Minecraft March Madness

    March 15, 2015 by Four4

    Hello! Many of you may have heard of a trend called March Madness, where famous characters are pitted against each other in a tournament-like bracket, and face off until an ultimate winner is decided. Today, following this trend, I give you Minecraft March Madness! Below is Round 1 of the tournament. After 3 days of voting time, We'll go to Round 2, then Round 3, then the semi-finals, then the finals. Without further ado, let's see the polls!

    Round 1

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  • AmpleSpencer00Pro

    Get a head start to minecraft! Ask me a question!

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  • Nizamuddin Chowdhury

    iron stuff is my favoite

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  • Gt3655


    March 4, 2015 by Gt3655

    Hello im Gt3655, And I am a contributor to this Wikia. I play minecraft on the PC. If there are any problems or you spot an error please let me know

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  • PartHunter

    I'm sick

    March 2, 2015 by PartHunter

    I am ill, and have been suffering from both vomiting and a fever. Because of this, I may be forced to temporarily abandon Minecraft Wiki. I will return once I recover.

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  • The king of ores

    ideas minecraft 1.9

    February 25, 2015 by The king of ores

    i've got a goood idea birds 

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  • Umma28371

    my diamonds

    February 19, 2015 by Umma28371
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  • Green Sapphire the Crystal Gem

    OK,so I play Minecraft a lot (maybe a little TOO much), but who doesn't? But I have also been noticing strange glitches in the game (I have the ps3 version). So this one time I was building a house on there, and a pig is in the house, no prob,right? WRONG! I missed a spot in the ground and there was a hole, so I went to cover it up. Well the dumb pig is going to JUMP into the hole and is stuck in there and can't move. I tried hitting the pig, a carrot on a stick, everything!!! I eventually killed it, but my question is, "Why does Minecraft have weird glitches in it?" To me it doesn't make sense that a simple farm animal jumps in a hole and has to be killed just so I can fill it in! Does it to you? Well I guess this is the end, BYE!

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  • Tiddles the Ocelot

    Hi I'm New

    February 18, 2015 by Tiddles the Ocelot

    Hi, I'm new to this wikia.

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