• PengunickDropClan


    November 28, 2015 by PengunickDropClan

    Hello everyone, My name Is PengunickDropClan and I just joined this minecraft wiki, I hope I meet cool people here! :D

    I like to contribute to the wiki's when my youtube videos are exporting or uploading, Nothing too big for my first blog, but I would just like to introduce myself :)

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  • Joshuayou

    the mincraft wiki needs to create a game for windows 10 because schools wont let people play 

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  • Creeper50

    Hey guys. So, I assume you like minecraft. If you don't, run along, go to your mommy. She is probably worried about you being around me anyway.

    Anyway, I LOVE minecraft. It is one of my favorite games ever. Not your average shoot-em-up or some killing game, but a game where you can build numerous objects and go on adventures of your own.

    What other games do I like? I love the games from telltale games. For those of you who don't know, telltale is a company that makes story-based games, where you choose what to say and what choises to make, which impacts how characters feel about you.

    What if you combine those 2 things? You get Minecraft: Story Mode. It's a story within the world of minecraft. Hope your all excited, cause I'm full of sertoin r…

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  • Abc king

    how to easily get gems

    October 13, 2015 by Abc king

    how to you go underwater

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  • Pingu21

    I'm a lucky duck...

    October 8, 2015 by Pingu21

    I have mine craft on X360, PC and PE

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  • RoseCupid

    It was a normal Saturday afternoon. One normal girl logged on to her laptop after an errand to the grocery store. Her fingers flew quickly over the keyboard, pressing keys in an almost furious manner.

    The screen went to her desktop. Yes! she thought. She quickly moused over the dirt block icon on her taskbar, and, her eyes wide with excitement, clicked it.


    A screen opened up. It advertised Minecraft version 1.6.44. She began to read the advertisement. It was a bit boring, she thought, but she knew sooner or later it would-

    The large link on the bottom of her screen popped up with the words "Play" on it.

    She clicked it.


    After a moment of downloading, the title screen appeared in front of her eyes.

    Her mind raced furiously as she tried n…

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  • QueenClam

    GD and the Empire

    September 12, 2015 by QueenClam

    Based on a server I go to called Empire Minecraft. (Please join on server 7!) 

    - GDTrekkie

    GD opened her eyes to see blue sky with clouds going across. She got up slowly to see that she was sitting in a 60 by 60 plot of land. "Huh, weird" she said to herself then saw signs not far in front of her. She didn't even get to read the signs to know that she was bored so she destroyed them. 

    To her surprise underneath the signs was a chest. She opened it to see some food, sword, picaxe, axe, and some torches. "Huh" she said looking at the strangly enchanted iron tools. "Where am I?" She said aloud but no body heard her. "Um, hello?" 

    "Oh hello!" Said a strange voice and GD turned to see a player. "Er... so where am I?"

    "Ha! You're in the Empire." He s…

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  • RoseCupid

    The Story of a Miner

    September 8, 2015 by RoseCupid

    Hello everyone~

    I'm CeriseKitty3030, a "new" user on this Wiki. I joined a little bit over a month ago, and due to school and all, I have not had much time to be very active. Please accept my deepest apologies.

    I have a birthday coming up in a few days, and my parents say they may possibly let me download it as a birthday present. If so, I will be making a story titled "The Story of a Miner", and each chapter will focus on my exciting Minecraft experiences. If they ever occur. Each chapter will be one blog post.

    So get ready to see more activity from me! And have a lovely day, all of you~ :D

    UPDATE: Yes, I will be making this, hopefully I'll finish the prologue and first chapter sometime in the next 3-4 days. I haven't began the game yet, beca…

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  • Nolan0404


    September 6, 2015 by Nolan0404
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  • TheBedrockEmerald

    BIG (not new) NEWS

    September 5, 2015 by TheBedrockEmerald
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  • EndermanThinker

    Ugh, People

    September 4, 2015 by EndermanThinker

    The wiki is having these random pics, and vandals, it's not funny guys!!! Seriously, please stop before y'all mess everything up, we enjoy this wiki here!

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  • JustSomeSush


    September 3, 2015 by JustSomeSush
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  • BeybladeAlpineMarmot AKA YellowBelliedMarmot

    Just today I looked and guess what there wasn't a Pixelmon Mod thingy! So I created one but I admit im not great at this stuff so it didn't come out great.....

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  • RedFire11

    Hi. I wanted to share my Seattle Seahawks Stadium (or Century Link Field) that I made by myself from scratch in Minecraft Xbox edition. Here is a picture of the entire thing.

    I have yet to count how many blocks in height, width and length this is, but I know it is gigantic. This took me about 2 weeks in total, about an hour each day working on it. The closest I can come to measuring its size right now is that I know you can fit 2 or 3 small NPC villages in it. I started by making the field first, which I messed up on like a hundred times. Here's a picture of the field.

    I also created scoreboards that actually keep score. I also have a ton of seats, but not as many as the real Century Link Field!

    You can also see the hawks nest, which is the …

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  • Adamrileydipperlover
  • Furiouskenneth

    Hello Furiouskenneth here and heres a cool thing I did myslef and today its how to make a mob stack and it might work on every device

    1st: Go to a creavtive world

    2nd: Make a 6 block high 6 blocks long on ground and do it like that until its all filled up

    3rd: Spawn in whatever mobs and stay on that world/sever until they start combine and it will take a long time

    4th: If its not done then wait a couple more weeks and then you have  stack also sometimes you will need baby zomies so thay can stack more easly

    5th: enjoy you hard mob stack or whatever you have hope yo enjoyed :D

    Mc amino: furiouskenneth

    Youtube: Furiouskenneth

    Facebook: Kenneth E Gar

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  • Matthew.fichthorn


    August 10, 2015 by Matthew.fichthorn
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  • Lolmasters

    We Seriously need a Hunger Games mash up pack! Including a Hunger Games Themed World, Characters, ETC. Please guys, This might be the BIGGEST, And most DIVERSE Thing in the HISTORY of Minecraft!

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  • Shocking Pasta

    So i was thinking about stuff to do in Minecraft with my friends from school who all do very well in different areas of minecraft, me in building, another in designing, another in the code and technical design and some in mods. I now await a date for my friend to create the server in order to recreate a functional version of our school, wish us luck (btw we are going to be using the forge mod with a ratio of 1 block per 1 meter cubic).

    \(-_-)\  /(-_-)/

    /(-_-)/  \(-_-)\

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  • Minion25520

    Serine sheep

    August 4, 2015 by Minion25520

    With their tails high, Their heads low, Eating fresh grass, Row by row;

    Occasional bleats and baas, To be heard, Their stretch of field, Seems quite far, The little lamb,# Calls out "Maa..."

    Frolicking and skipping, Playing leap frog, Their wool needs clipping, The farmer calls for, His dog.

    Now in their barn, Sleeping in peace, They've had their supper, They've had their feast.

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  • Gingerninger5120

    When achievements are on a wiki, 75% of them want to be on the leader board, so they post random things, do random stuff which has to be corrected by the people how made the wiki in the first place and the 75% of people are blocked for there stupid doing and then they start to mess up the wiki again and they get upset.

    However, When achievements are not on the wiki, people just want to contributeand are nicer but the people how made the wiki in the first place has to do mostly by thenself.

    Please leave comments on your point off view on this.

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  • EndermanThinker

    Hey guys

    July 29, 2015 by EndermanThinker

    Have you noticed the weird endermite thing? Knock them into a enderportal or just hit them, THEN they move.

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  • Declan127


    July 26, 2015 by Declan127
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  • Declan127


    July 26, 2015 by Declan127
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  • FoxyOnConsole

    Name: Mugbi's Pickax Synopsis and description: You are a Mesa explorer and cave diver with an insatiable thirst for adventure on your brave donkey Bobo. You stumble upon a strange sign that explains the great Mugbi's Pickax and the Adventurers Curse. Only Mugbi's Pic can mine the one obsidian block to glory and fortune. Setting: initially a mesa gold mine Release Date: Unknown still in early stages of development

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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • Secretsaucery38


    July 17, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    Does anyone on here like silver chair?

    Yours truly


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  • Gingerninger5120

    If there were cooler weponds in minecraft it would make the game more interestingand fun.

    But i think the weponds should still be old fashond because it's minecraft



    throughing knifes

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  • Mat tem the emerald minecart

    First of i might have a new picture of a emerald i do not know how it happened but i do any way wil you please subscribe i really need subs so if you like my vids search:


    You have to type that exactly so that you get my vids so please subscribe and join team tem and help me make the emerald dimention i have some vids already set so if you are first to ask you will be able to make a video with me and become populer! :)

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  • Minecraft doge
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  • Randomness555

    I can not wait for 1.9!!! How about you???

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  • Mat tem the emerald minecart

    The emerald minecart is the best you tuber ever apart from dantdm and popuramos he makes videos for you tube so he is the best.

    The emerald dimention will soon be out in 2-4 weeks if you like watching my vids on you tube subscribe and leave a like enjoj my blogs and my minecraft episodes on you tube!:)

    If you like my vids please subscribe and join team tem thanks!:)

    Who likes mat tem pleaeaeaease subscribe to me. :)


    tararria not tararria

    The mods for minecraft i have and will make a video of soon on the lucky blocks and the emerald torture games are:






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  • PoolTable2567

    A server calld Killion Detention Co. is a fun non-op prison server, but here are some things that make it kind of "ehh":

    Don't mute people for 3 hours just because you accused them.

    Don't kill people, claim they did something and not give give their items back.

    Don't say someone broke the rules when they did not.

    Don't kill poeple for no reason, then give them open for a ban for something they started. (even though you technically started it)

    Don't make people drop the soap.

    If these things didn't happen, this server would be one of my favorites. Sadly it's only my 7th favorite. I give it a 7/10.

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  • Minecrafthusky

    about me

    June 24, 2015 by Minecrafthusky

    okay hi everyone im here to talk about me i play animal jam and my user:wolf46712 so if you wanna be friends buddy me

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  • Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    This time I am actually bored. NOTHING TO DO!!!

    Plz chat with me cuz I need somthin 2 talk about.


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  • Secretsaucery38

    Just so bored!

    June 23, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    Hello fellow MCers

    I'm just so sick of people trolling me in MC on XBOX LIVE. It's getting annoying. Mining emralds with a wooden pickaxe on purpose when i tell them not to, blowing up my house, that kinda stuff.

    Also, alot of people have been on the MC wiki and made accounts THNKS 2 ME!!!! No one seems to appriciate the time and effort i've put in to help them be apart of this world of wonder! SO NO NEED TO THANK ME!!! (obious sarcasm)


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  • LucasWill211

    blog1 ones upon time there was a bad men called herobrine he stole stuff and killed people and steve kick a soccer ball and and said hohohohoho he was acting like santa claus and it was christmas and herobrine did not get nothing and he went shoping and kick people ass he got kick out and went to jail for 4 months and he whas swearing and steve was saying hohohohoho he diomond armar and herobrine lost hes good good armar and steve got it and heobrine got killed becase he punch a police men and l for leeeeee was there and was saying cakecakecake and herobrine went to helll 

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  • GiraffeGaming

    Check out my new wiki page its called Roblox Fans

    Here is a link to it:

    Have FUN!!!


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  • XxMCProLeopardxX


    June 20, 2015 by XxMCProLeopardxX
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  • Comrade SS

    The wiki is in critical condition and a multitude of the admins are gone, inactive, or simply refuse to help at the moment. Spam pages, articles need clean up, trolls, and we don't the have the man power. I've been considering adopting the wiki and then adding a few more people as admins who are active. What do you guys think?

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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


    comment if you want to know more about cave spiders or herobrine

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  • Secretsaucery38

    SCORE 3

    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38

    JUST GOT 4 PEOPLE ON MC WIKI (diamondlover328)

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  • LemonsAreDemons


    June 19, 2015 by LemonsAreDemons

    hey! so i'm new to the whole Minecraft Wiki thing but lemme get one thing straight.

    i don't really like minecraft

    i only play if my friend is online.

    thats all.

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  • Secretsaucery38

    SCORE 2

    June 19, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 18, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


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  • Kittyminecraft

    If anyone wants to be friends just talk to me because every smile makes me smile

    i wish this was a minecraft flower too

    see you later and if there are some questions that you would like to ask plz ask do not be afraid.

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  • ChristinaWill

    Hi Im Christina

    June 17, 2015 by ChristinaWill

    How will you know you have a Best Friend

    • A Best Friend Will always have your back. If you dont think your bestfriend cares about you dont bother and express yourself for new friends!
    • If you are very close to your friend i think you will have them for ever but if they dont really care about you and they leave you out replaced for other friends just ignore dont talk to them find other real great friends and then they will be jealous and take you back for granted dont except that only if theyreally want you...
    • If your looking for new friends be yourself in everyway even if your the craziest weirdo on earth or a confused nerd try to find your own to getting great friends.

    Hope you liked it for my new blog 1if you liked it please comment and if yo…

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  • Secretsaucery38


    June 15, 2015 by Secretsaucery38


    comment if you want to know about endermen or herobrine

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  • PoolTable2567

    A server called GammaMC has players unexplainably mean. I got muted for apparenly fighting with staff (didnt do), starting a fight (again not my fault). Someone, who should've known better cause they were a donor,told them to mute me. I said someone hacked, cause they did, and they started the fight. So tell the minecraft creators to remove these accounts: chikenbutt21 and Happysrihacks. Report now please.

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  • AproExo

    For quite a while now, creative servers on Minecraft had a high amount of griefing, so my idea would be that you can only destroy blocks you have placed, or make building available to special users only while the regular users can only explore. So, what do you think?

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