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Brewing allows the player to make potions that can give the player benefits or harm them alike. In turn, the player can add gunpowder while brewing components to any potion to convert this potion into a splash potion, which then allows the player to put the effect on another mob.

All brewing requires a Brewing Stand. Below is a chart of what different potions you can make, and how to make them.

Reagents and Components


Name Use
Brewing Stand Distills reagents into glass bottles.
Cauldron Each one can hold a water bucket. Each cauldron can fill 3 bottles.
Glass Bottle Container for all kinds of potions.
Water Bottle The starting base for all potions.

Made by filling a glass bottle from a cauldron or water source.

Base-Affecting Reagents

Name Icon Base reagent for Effect
Fermented Spider Eye
Fermented spider eye
Potion of Weakness Lessens positive effects

Induces negative effects

Glowstone Dust
Glowstone dust
Thick Potion Increases effects

Decreases potion duration

Nether Wart
Grid Nether Wart Seeds
Awkward Potion None
Mundane Potion Decreases effects

Increases potion duration

Gunpowder inventory
Splash Potions Turns any normal potion into a Splash Potion

Base-Effecting Reagents

Name Icon Base reagent for Potion Effect
Glistering Melon
Glistering Melon
Mundane Potion Instant Health
Blaze Powder
Blaze Powder
Mundane Potion Strength
Spider Eye
Spider eye
Mundane Potion Poisoning

Effecting Reagents

Name Icon Potion Effect
Ghast Tear
Ghast Tear
Magma Cream
Magma cream
Fire Resistance

Paired Effecting Reagents

Name Potion Effect
Spider Eye + Fermented Spider Eye Harm
Glistering Melon + Fermented Spider Eye Harm
Sugar + Fermented Spider Eye Slowness
Magma Cream +Fermented Spider Eye Slowness
2012-09-12 21.27.53

After we finished brewing a potion of weakness

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