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Cake is a placeable food, standing 1/4 lower than a regular block. It has white icing and a red topping. It is craftable, and is quite easy to craft for experienced players. It restores 1 hunger bar per use, and has a total amount of 6 uses. Cake does not drop when broken, only can be eaten by clicking on it.


Cake crafting

Crafting Recipe

Cake is made with an Egg, three Buckets of milk, two Sugar, and three Wheat. If you eat a cake once, it will appear to be cut into thirds or sixths. Crafting a cake will award you with the achievement "The Lie" (Needing to earn achievement "Time to Farm" first.) which is a reference to the game Portal. Various maps have the phrases "Your cake is waiting" and "The cake is a lie"


  • The cake is featured in all Minecraft platforms.
  • On the Xbox, there is the Candy texture pack that allows different types of cake.
  • Cake is also able to be used to make floors, and is a nice decoration.
  • Players who make kitchens in their worlds will most likely include cakes.
  • Cake makes the same sound as wool being placed.
  • Cake is the only placeable food that can be eaten when placed.
  • Cake cannot be retrieved by shears or Silk Touch once it has been placed.
  • You can eat each slice almost instantly, but it recovers about 1 or 2 hunger bars.
  • Cake Icon
  • A pixel art cake
  • The Different flavors of cake, including a creeper cake.
  • Another cake, in pocket edition

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