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Chorus Fruit
Chorus Fruit
Hunger Replenished FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon
Obtained by Killing Chorus Plants

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Chorus Fruit is a food item found in The End as of The Combat Update.


Chorus fruit are not found on the main End island, but rather in the End City islands (also referred to as the Outer End). It acts just as a Cactus does: when the bottom block of the chorus plant is mined, everything atop it is collected as well. When eaten, the chorus fruit gives the player 4 hunger points, as well as teleport the player in a pattern much like the Enderman's.

The player must wait about 2-seconds before attempting to use the chorus fruit again. Smelting the chorus fruit will result in a Popped Chorus Fruit, and can be smelted with any usable type of fuel.

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