Chunks help make up a Minecraft world. They each take up a 16x16 radius, and they go all the way down to Bedrock.

A single chunk.

Creation of Chunks

Chunks are created with the help of the Map-Seed, which means that the chunks are always the same if one would use the same Seed again (on the same version at least).

Finding Chunk Edges

  • Pressing the "F3" button opens the Debug screen which shows a player's X, Y, and Z coordinates. These coordinates will change as a player moves around. X and Z coordinates that are divisible by 16 represent the boundaries between chunks. EG: (96, -32) is a corner where four chunks meet. One of those chunks is between X coordinates 80 to 96 and Z coordinates -48 to -32. Another one is between X coordinates 96 to 112 and Z coordinates -32 to -16, and so on. When either X or Z crosses a multiple of 16, a player is moving across chunks.
  • One can make a timer with repeaters and hook up a sticky piston to it. Put glowstone in front of the piston. The light will flicker while the piston moves and if one is up on a high pole, one can see that the light updates on the chunks at slightly different times. This can also be achieved with 2 regular pistons.