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Cobblestone Wall
Cobblestone Wall
First Appearance 12w34a / 0.8.0
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Pickaxe Graphic
Data Values Hex: 8B
Obeys Physics?

Cobblestone Walls are a decorative block implemented in the "Pretty Scary Update" for PC and 0.8.0 for PE. They can be used as an alternative to Fences, as their hitbox totals 1.5 blocks in height. Hence, they cannot be jumped over by the player without jump boosts. Like fences, Spiders can still climb/jump over.

Cobblestone walls can be a more efficient way to fence in mobs since it takes fewer resources than a Fence. There are 2 kinds of Cobblestone walls: the original cobblestone wall block, and the Mossy Cobblestone Wall. The Mossy Cobblestone Wall is crafted in the same way as the original, but with Moss Stone, instead.


  • If the player puts String on top of the Cobblestone Wall, it will look like a castle wall.

Cobblestone wall on cobblestone blocks.

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