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Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Beans
Type Wool Dye
Durability 3 (Data)
First Appearance Beta 1.2
Data Values Hex: 15F3


Cocoa Beans, also known as Brown Dye, are a material used for making Cookies and brown wool. As of Beta 1.4, Cocoa Beans were formally brought into the game as a reward found in Dungeons' chests (80% Chance) and Abandoned Mine Shafts. Also as of Beta 1.4, brown sheep naturally spawn which made obtaining brown wool easier.


  • Cocoa Beans were among the rarest obtainable items on old maps (after golden apples and cookies) as they could only be found in dungeons generated after the 1.4 patch. Now they can be found on jungle trees, only in a jungle.
  • Cocoa Beans cannot be eaten.
  • Images (19)

    Cocoa Beans on a Jungle Tree.

    In the Snapshot 12w18a, they can be grown on jungle trees and harvested for more.

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