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Cocoa Pods
Cocoa plant
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used any
Data Values Hex: 7F
Stackable? Yes:64
Obeys Physics?
 Cocoa Pods are essentially the block form of Cocoa beans.

Cocoa Pods

Cocoa Pods, or Cocoa Bean Pods, are the planted form of Cocoa Beans. They spawn naturally on Jungle trees, which only spawn in Jungle biomes. They can be placed on any Jungle log, which means that a quick farm can be created, provided there is some Jungle wood material and place the cocoa beans directly on it. Cocoa Pods grow quickly (in less than a day) and have three growth stages (small and greenish, medium and yellowish, large and brown). Cocoa Bean Pods have previously been assumed to glow very slightly, producing a light level of 1, although it is likely this is not true and is simply some sort of optical trick.

Cocoa Pods being farmed on placed Redwood blocks.


  • Before Snapshot 12w18a, Cocoa Beans had to be found in dungeons.

Cocoa bean pods still in tree

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