Cooked Chicken
Cooked Chicken
Hunger Replenished FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon
Obtained by Killing a chicken while it's on fire, or cooking Raw Chicken.
First Appearance Beta 1.8
Technical Name minecraft:cooked_chicken
Data Values Hex: 16E

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Sapling inventory

Cooked Chicken is an edible Food item, obtained when Raw Chicken is cooked in a Furnace, or when a Chicken is killed in Fire. It restores FoodbariconFoodbariconFoodbaricon when eaten.

As a food source:


  • Restores a good amount of hunger points
  • Lots of saturation
  • Chickens are farmed easily. They also occasionally lay eggs, which will create more chickens.
  • Does not have a chance of inflicting Hunger, unlike Raw Chicken


  • Chickens Spawn somewhat randomly, and thus there may be issues finding a steady supply of them.
  • They require Seeds to breed.
  • Cooking chicken requires Fuel, unless the chicken happens to be killed with fire, Lava, or a Fire Aspect/Flame enchanted weapon.
  • Each chicken will only drops a single raw chicken when killed, even if it is killed by a weapon with the looting enchantment. This means that other passive mobs are recommended since they have more plentiful item drops than chickens.


  • Cooked chicken previously had a texture that was "smoother" in appearance. It was then changed to have a black outline, before finally changing once more in update 1.4, which removed the black outline.
  • Chicken was the third food to be added to Minecraft, including raw and cooked versions.

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