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Data Values are used to distinguish certain blocks and items by giving each one a unique value and id. Some blocks, such as Diorite, Andesite, and Granite, share the same values; however, there is a notable difference between them which is usually in the following form: 11, 12, and so on.

There are two different types of ids which are block ids and item ids. Block ids are the ids used for blocks while item ids are the ids that are usually associated with items. There are also two different types of values which are hex values and dec values. Hex values, or hexadecimal values, and dec values, or decimal values, are types of data values that are usually used in coding and programming.


 c  Requires additional data to define color
 B Requires additional data to define a property


The following table is a list of every block and item ID in the computer edition of Minecraft.

Block/Item ID Name (1.8+) Decimal ID value (up to 1.7.10) Hexadecimal ID value (up to 1.7.10)
Air minecraft:air 0 0
Stone Stone minecraft:stone 1 1
Grass Block Grass Block minecraft:grass 2 2
Dirt Dirt minecraft:dirt 3 3
Cobblestone Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone 4 4
Wood Planks Wood Planks minecraft:planks 5 5
Sapling Sapling minecraft:sapling 6 6
Bedrock Bedrock minecraft:bedrock 7 7
Water Flowing Water minecraft:flowing_water 8 8
Water Water minecraft:water 9 9
Lavastill Flowing Lava minecraft:flowing_lava 10 A
Lavastill Lava minecraft:lava 11 B
Sand Sand minecraft:sand 12 C
Gravel Gravel minecraft:gravel 13 D
Goldore Gold Ore minecraft:gold_ore 14 E
Ironoreblock Iron Ore minecraft:iron_ore 15 F
Coalore Coal Ore minecraft:coal_ore 16 10
Wood Wood minecraft:log 17 11
Leaves2 Leaves minecraft:leaves 18 12
Sponge Sponge minecraft:sponge 19 13
Glass Glass minecraft:glass 20 14
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore minecraft:lapis_ore 21 15
Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli Block minecraft:lapis_block 22 16
Dispenser Dispenser minecraft:dispenser 23 17
Sandstone Sandstone minecraft:sandstone 24 18
Note Block Note Block minecraft:noteblock 25 19
Bed Bed (Block) minecraft:bed 26 1A
Powered Rail Powered Rail minecraft:golden_rail 27 1B
Detector Rail Detector Rail minecraft:detector_rail 28 1C
Sticky Piston Sticky Piston minecraft:sticky_piston 29 1D
Cobweb Cobweb minecraft:web 30 1E
Tall Grass Tall Grass B minecraft:tallgrass 31 1F
Dead Bush Dead Bush minecraft:deadbush 32 20
Piston Piston minecraft:piston 33 21
Piston Piston Head minecraft:piston_head 34 22
White Wool Woolc minecraft:wool 35 23
Block Moved by Piston minecraft:piston_extention 36 24
Dandelion Dandelion minecraft:yellow_flower 37 25
Poppy Poppy minecraft:red_flower 38 26
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom minecraft:brown_mushroom 39 27
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom minecraft:red_mushroom 40 28
Block of Gold Gold Block minecraft:gold_block 41 29
Iron (Block) Iron Block minecraft:iron_block 42 2A
Slab Double Stone Slab minecraft:double_stone_slab 43 2B
Slab Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab 44 2C
Brick block Bricks minecraft:brick_block 45 2D
TNT TNT minecraft:tnt 46 2E
Bookshelf Bookshelf minecraft:bookshelf 47 2F
Moss Stone Mossy Cobblestone minecraft:mossy_cobblestone 48 30
Obsidian Obsidian minecraft:obsidian 49 31
Torches Torch minecraft:torch 50 32
Mcfire Fire minecraft:fire 51 33
Monster Spawner Mob Spawner minecraft:mob_spawner 52 34
Stairs Oak Wood Stairs minecraft:oak_stairs 53 35
Singlechest Chest minecraft:chest 54 36
Redstone Dust sprite Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire 55 37
Diamondore2 Diamond Ore minecraft:diamond_ore 56 38
Block of Diamond Diamond Block minecraft:diamond_block 57 39
Craftingtable Crafting Table minecraft:crafting_table 58 3A
Wheat WheatS minecraft:wheat 59 3B
Farmland Farmland minecraft:farmland 60 3C
Furnace (Icon) Furnace minecraft:furnace 61 3D
Furnace (Active) Burning Furnace minecraft:lit_furnace 62 3E
Sign Standing Sign minecraft:standing sign 63 3F
Oak Door minecraft:wooden_door 64 40
Ladders Ladder minecraft:ladder 65 41
Rails Rail minecraft:rail 66 42
Cobblestone Stairs Cobblestone Stairs minecraft:stone_stairs 67 43

Block Data

The following information includes information about the certain data values that determine a block's color, growth (used for certain types of plants such as Wheat), and to distinguish certain types of blocks that are grouped in the same group.


These values determine a block's color.

Decimal Data value Hexadecimal Data value Color
0 0 White
1 1 Orange
2 2 Magenta
3 3 Light Blue
4 4 Yellow
5 5 Lime
6 6 Pink
7 7 Gray
8 8 Light Gray
9 9 Cyan
10 A Purple
11 B Blue
12 C Brown
13 D Green
14 E Red
15 F Black


Crops use block data values 1–7 for crop growth, however, some only have 4 textures, but they have multiple values per texture.


Tallgrass uses block data value 0 for shrub (looks like dead bush), 1 for grass, and 2 for fern.