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Dead Bush
Dead Bush
First Appearance Beta 1.6
Type of Block Non-Solid Block; Plant
Tool Used None
Data Values Hex: 20
Obeys Physics?

Dead Bushes are not a solid block, but rather an aesthetic weed that does not obstruct movement, similar to Sugar Cane, Wheat, Tall Grass, and hanging Vines. Dead Bushes will mostly appear in desert biomes, clay mesa biomes, and sometimes in swamp biomes. They are most commonly light/dark brown in colour, depending on the user's texture pack.


The only current use for this item is as a decoration, and it can be obtained with an inventory editor, the /give command, by mining with an axe with a Silk Touch enchantment in the 1.9 pre-release, or with shears.

It can also be used in the Creative mode of Beta 1.8. In the 1.9 pre-release, it has also been known that the Dead Bush will drop about 3 - 5 sticks when harvested.


  • A variant of Tall Grass is visually identical to Dead Bushes, but is able to give seeds and has an offset from the ground, like tall grass. The edited tall grass can be obtained by using bonemeal on a block of grass near sand (although they will only spawn on said sand).
  • If the block below a dead bush is removed, the bush will disappear.
  • You can obtain it in Survival Mode if you use Shears.
  • The dead bush's ID is 32 but if you write the give command with ID 31 on PC you will be given another dead bush called Shrub.
  • It can be placed inside a Flower Pot.
  • They are unaffected by Bone Meal.
  • The Dead Bush texture is exactly the same as the Shrub texture.
  • Even though Dead Bushes and Shrubs are basically the same kind of plant they are treated as separate items in the creative menu.

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