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Sapling inventory
Debug World Type Overview 15w49a

The entire grid as seen from above (15w49a to 1.9.2).

Debug Mode is a world type added to Minecraft 1.8 used to test block models, states, and textures. It is useful both to Mojang and resource pack creators.

The Player will always be in Spectator Mode and the difficulty is locked to Peaceful. To access Debug Mode, hold the ⇧ Shift key while clicking the "World Type" button.

Debug mode consists of all Minecraft blocks in all their different block states in a single world, in a grid across height y=70 with a barrier floor at y=60. Every block state only generates once; the remainder of the map is empty.


  • It is still possible to change gamemodes and difficulty using the /gamemode and /difficulty commands
  • There are "5485" blocks total.
  • The gap between the wool and flowers are the ways pistons can go.

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