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A desert well near a desert temple.

A desert well is a structure introduced in 1.2.1. It is made of sandstone blocks and slabs. It always spawns in a Desert. It is considered to be very rare, even though large amounts usually spawn near Desert Temples. It contains five blocks of water, four on the outside, and one in the center. When a block of water is taken from the sides, it will not reappear, but it will be replaced if taken from the center.


A desert well with the center open


There currently is no purpose of the well except for a scenic look. The well is mainly a decorative world generated structure that provides a source of water in the desert.

Sometimes if you go in the center water block you will either land in a Dungeon, Stronghold or an Abandoned Mineshaft.


  • Sometimes there will be desert wells on either side of a Desert Temple.


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