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Difficulty is an option in Minecraft. It is toggled via options menu. It sets how quickly the Food Bar depletes, how many Mobs spawn etc.



No mobs will spawn, and the food bar will not drain at all. It is literally impossible to eat in this difficulty, the only way to eat is to eat golden apples. Or, if you changed the difficulty to peaceful when you were hungry, then you can eat. But there are problems playing on peaceful, because you can't get hostile mob drops and experience from those mobs. You can't possibly accomplish the game without changing the difficulty harder. (The wither skulls required to build the wither.)


Few mobs will spawn, and the food bar will drain fairly slowly. Mobs only deal a little damage, very rarely hostile mobs will spawn with armor. Cave spiders can't poison you, and Withers can't wither you on this difficulty. Creepers cancel their explosion by only moving a short distance away from it. If the hunger bar is empty, it'll leave the player with Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart. Zombies have no chance of turning villagers into zombies.


The Mobs will spawn normally, the Food Bar depletion is average as well. Mobs deal a normal amount of damage. The cave spider mob can poison you in this difficulty, and the Wither can wither you. If your hunger bar drops to 0, it'll leave you with 9px-Half Heart.svg. If a villager is killed by a zombie, it has 50% chance of turning into a zombie villager.


A high number of mobs will spawn, and the Food Bar will drain quickly. Creeper explosions are really fatal, one explosion and you're dead, unless you wore armor.  If the hunger bar drains completely, it'll slowly kill you. Creepers will not cancel it's attack unless the player moves far away. Zombies can break down wooden doors and spiders may spawn with one positive status effect. (swiftness, strength, regeneration, invisibility, and these effects are permanent) Skeletons, Zombies have a higher chance of spawning with armor and tools. These mobs will also have a higher chance of picking up anything. On this difficulty, if villagers are killed by zombies, they have 100% chance of turning into a zombie villager.


Main article: Hardcore

A very high number of Mobs will spawn, the Food Bar will drain very quickly, it's similar to hard, but however, if you die, you can't respawn. And if you made your gamemode "Hardcore" at the start, you can't change it to easier difficulties.


  • Hardcore is not actually a difficulty, but a Game mode. When you play Hardcore, your difficulty gets locked on "Hardcore", it cannot be accessed otherwise.

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