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Sapling inventory
Health Points: 10HP (5x Heart)
Attack Strength: Easy:2HP (1x Heart)

Normal:3HP (1.5x Heart)
Hard:4HP (2x Heart)

Drops: On Death: 0–1 Raw Fish
Experience Points: none
Technical Name minecraft:dolphin

[view][talk] A Dolphin is an aquatic Mob that was added to Minecraft in 1.13 - The Update Aquatic phase 1.

This new type of mob was announced at MineCon Earth 2017, when a sneak peek trailer for the update was released.


Dolphins will drop Raw Cod when killed.

Dolphins will lead players to Shipwrecks. In order for this to occur, the player will need to feed the dolphin raw cod, or raw salmon. Then the dolphin will swim to the nearest underwater structure. Be quick though as the player may lose track of the dolphin.

Dolphins will have a "smart jumping" mechanic, allowing them to leap over barriers in the water, as seen in a Twitter video by Maria Lemon.[1]

Dolphins will attack the player if they attack them, and other nearby dolphins will attack as well, similar to the behaviour of wolves and Zombie Pigmen. However, they will give up the chase after a short period of time, or if the player goes out of their sights.

Dolphins may beach themselves. They will start taking damage soon after they leave the water, much like squids.

Dolphins can play with items floating on the water, they will bounce the item in the air and play with it like a ball.

Dolphins may also follow players in water for a short period of time.


When the player swims close to a dolphin, they will gain the effect Dolphins Grace. The ability allows the player to swim faster than normal. The ingame command to apply Dolphins Grace is:

/effect give <playername> minecraft:dolphins_grace


  • The dolphin's shape closely resembles the bottle-nosed dolphin.
  • Despite being mammals and having lungs, dolphins will take damage and die if they are on land for too long. This makes sense, as in real life, their skin will dry out if a dolphin (or whale) is stranded for too long.
  • Dolphins are not targeted by Guardians.



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