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Dragon Egg
Dragon Egg
First Appearance Beta 1.9 pre-release 6
Type of Block Solid
Tool Used None
Data Values Hex: 7A
Obeys Physics?

The Dragon Egg was added in the Beta 1.9 pre-release 6. It is an egg which is dropped after defeating the Ender Dragon in The End.



The portal that the Enderdragon spawns upon death.

Clicking on the egg can cause it to teleport to a nearby area (up to five blocks vertically and fifteen blocks horizontally), creating the same teleport particles seen around Endermen, Nether Portal and Ender Chests. Dragon Eggs behave much like sand and gravel in that they fall when unsupported, but since they aren't opaque blocks, they cannot suffocate the player.


Since Dragon Eggs teleport upon clicking them, the player cannot directly obtain the egg. To collect it in the player's inventory, you will have to use a piston. Before applying the piston, make sure the portal around the egg is fully covered, so as not to let the egg fall through. Place the piston adjacent to the egg, activate it and the egg will drop as an item. The egg can now be placed and mined without going through the same process again. Another strategy is to let it teleport once, then dig a hole next to it, and destroy the block right under it and quickly place a torch under it.


  • It has been said by Jeb that if red dragons were to ever be implemented, the Dragon Egg may be a possible way of obtaining one.
  • Dragon Eggs have no purpose in the game other than being a trophy and decoration.
  • Before the 1.9 Combat Update, it was quite possible that the Dragon Egg was the rarest element in Minecraft, only having 1 per world. Since the Ender Dragon can now be respawned, there is almost an unlimited amount of Dragon Eggs.

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