Dusk, also called sunset, is the transition from daytime to night in Minecraft, it lasts for around 1 minute and 30 seconds real-time.


Dusk in a plains biome.

Effects on gameplay

During dusk, the sky and surface will darken as the sun lowers on the western horizon, while the moon rises on the eastern horizon. Near the sun, the sky gains an orange tint. The sun gets noticeably bigger as it approaches the horizon, mimicking the real-world optical illusion.

During dusk, villagers will enter their houses and attempt to stay there for the rest of the night.

During dusk, a player should treat it as a sign to drop what they are doing and run to their home or a safe area as fast as they can. It will still be bright enough that hostile mobs will not spawn, but they will begin appearing later in dusk and as soon as night begins. Being caught out in the night unprepared is very dangerous.

Dusk proceeds to night, which in turn leads to Dawn.

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