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Enchanted Golden Apples are a food item that is only obtained through
crafting. They are crafted with an Apple surrounded by Gold Blocks (see crafting section). In game, they are still called "Golden Apples" but with a holographic text like any other enchanted item. Not to be confused with Golden Apples, these are a much more powerful counter part. When consumed they heal two Hunger, as Golden Apples do, only with added bonuses. The Enchanted golden apple also grants Regeneration V for thirty seconds, as well as Resistance and Fire Protection for five minutes. Like the other Golden Apples they also give Absorption for two minutes. Enchanted Golden Apples are the most difficult food item to obtain because of the mass amounts of Gold (Block)s that are required, as gold is a fairly uncommon resource.


The main appearance of the Enchanted Golden apple that separates itself from the Golden Apple is the fact that it glows a purple like other enchanted items. When hovering the mouse over the item, the text glows purple as well, even though it is labeled as a Golden Apple. This doesnt happen with any other enchanted item.


It takes 9 Gold nuggets to craft 1 Gold bar, and 72 gold bars to craft 1 Enchanted Golden Apple.


To use the enchanted golden apple is like eating any other food. Once consumed, the apple will apply Regeneration V, which heals the player rapidly for thirty seconds. Regeneration V is the fasted player effect when it comes to healing, and surpasses that of all damage over time effects such as poison, except for falling into the void, and jumping into lava. The next effects are applied for five minutes, which is quite a long time. Those are Fire Resistance, and Resistance. These make them ideal for fighting in the nether, especially against blazes. Finally the user gets Absorption for two whole minutes. This is the same as its Golden Apple counter part.


The Enchanted Golden apple is the hardest (at least more resource intensive) item to craft, as it requires a large quanity of gold. It requires eight Block of Gold, equivilant to seventy-two (72) Gold Ingots, and a substantial six-hundred and forty eight (648) Gold Nuggets. This makes traditional zombie pigman nugget farms practically useless when trying to farm gold to make apples.

Enchanted Golden Apple
Block of Gold Block of Gold Block of Gold
Block of Gold Apple Block of Gold
Block of Gold Block of Gold Block of Gold

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