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Ender may refer to one of the following Minecraft topics:

  • The End - An alternate dimension outside the Overworld, presumed to be the origin of all "Ender"-related objects and mobs. Also, this is the area where the Ender Dragon is fought.
  • EndermanFace Enderman - A tall, slim, completely black Mob, with purple eyes, who hates being looked at.
  • Enderdragon Face Ender Dragon - A hostile, flying boss Mob found within The End.
  • EndermiteFace Endermite - A tiny, hostile mob that sometimes appears when an Ender Pearl is thrown.
  • ItemCSS
    Ender Pearl
    - A crafting ingredient dropped by Endermen, required to access The End.
  • ItemCSS
    Eye of Ender
    - A craftable item, used to detect and activate an End Portal.
  • Ender Crystal - A special block located on top of pillar structures within The End.
  • BlockCSS
    Ender Chest
    - A craftable storage container that keeps items inside when picked up.
  • End City - A naturally-generated structure found in The End.

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