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Enderman normal
Health Points 40HP (20x Heart)
Attack Strength Easy:
4HP (2x Heart)

Normal: 7HP (3.5x Heart)

10HP (5x Heart)

Drops Ender Pearl (0-1)
Spawn Light level is <7, on solid blocks in a 3 block high space.

[view][talk] An Enderman (plural Endermen) is a unique three block-high, one wide, humanoid, stick figure styled mob with long arms and legs, glowing purple eyes and a purple particle effect similar to that of a Portal. Endermen do not burn when caught in sunlight, but they take damage from water and teleport away when they come in contact with it.

End Stone


Endermen are neutral mobs, not being hostile until the player provokes them by looking at them or attacking them. In survival single player "looking at an Enderman" is defined as aiming the crosshair over the Enderman's body from the upper legs and above. In Survival multiplayer, if you look at the Enderman's head/eyes, it won't be alerted. However, if you look at its body or upper legs, it will become hostile.

Since 1.4.2, the Enderman will make a sound upon being provoked. The sound is a warning to the player to brace for sudden attacks that is similar to a loud running engine. Even if the sounds have stopped, it does not mean the Enderman is pacified; it may have teleported far away from the player or become stuck somewhere else such as a nearby cave. Endermen will become passive at dawn, which means a player can wait until dawn out of the Enderman's reach or going to sleep (assuming the Enderman teleported far enough away to allow the player to sleep) to avoid being attacked and/or killed.

Endermen spawn in huge numbers in The End, their home world. They are rare in comparison to other mobs, but can still be seen regularly at night on the Overworld in groups of up to five (previously eight). Their two iconic abilities are the ability to pick up and move blocks, and their ability to teleport. When teleporting, an Enderman will leave a faint trail of purple particles leading to itself from where it teleported.

Endermen will take damage from coming in contact with water (including rain). When killed, they will sometimes drop an ender pearl. Also if the Enderman is attacked with a sword with the Fire aspect enchantment it will continously damage the Enderman.

As of the full version of Minecraft (1.0), Endermen teleport when coming in contact with rain or water - though not if set on fire with flint and steel or by contact with lava. Even though the whines appear hostile, they are not hostile towards the player until they engage or provoke it.

Moving blocks


Enderman with a grass block.

Endermen will pick up and move certain blocks, regardless of whether they were natural or placed by the player. They will pick up horizontally and vertically nearby, within a short reaching distance similar to the player's, at heights from just below their feet to just above their head (5 layers).

They will not drop the blocks when killed. Endermen can only pick up the following blocks:

Grass Block







Brown Mushroom

Red Mushroom


Added in 1.7 [1]
Red Sand

Blue Orchid


Azure Bluet

Red Tulip

Orange Tulip

White Tulip

Pink Tulip

Oxeye Daisy

Enderman also (in rare cases) build tall structures out of various materials. Endermen also cannot pick up entities, such as boats, minecarts, primed TNT, or mobs.

Damage to structures and environment

Because Endermen possess the ability to move and place blocks, they can cause damage to the natural environment and, in some cases, player-built structures.

In the Overworld, signs of Endermen activity will become apparent in frequently loaded chunks in the form of misplaced blocks. In desert areas, Endermen may also pollinate cacti by removing blocks and placing them on fresh sand, gradually increasing the population of cacti in frequently loaded deserts.

Preventing Attacks

The only way to get an Enderman to chase you is to hit it, or look at it with the crosshairs. As Endermen are three blocks tall, you can keep your house interior two or two and a half blocks high (by using slabs) to prevent Endermen from teleporting into your house.

If the player sits in a pool of water, the Enderman will take damage from the water, teleport away in response to the damage, and become neutral again in versions 1.7.10 and lower. In 1.8, endermen no longer turn passive when damaged by water, and will repeatedly charge at the player until it dies.

If the player wears a pumpkin on their head or looks at an Enderman through a transparent block, such as glass, ice, leaves, or fences, it will not turn hostile when looked at. Once provoked, however, wearing a pumpkin will not prevent them from attacking or teleporting. A disadvantage to the use of pumpkins, however, is the fact that pumpkins provide no armor or defense. Pumpkins also limit the player's view, making it extremely risky to wear at night.

Defenses against Endermen

  • Endermen are damaged by attacks, fire, lava, water, and poison, falling, and cacti.
    Enderman In Rain

    Enderman being hurt in Rain

  • They are also damaged by rain. If you see a hostile Enderman on a rainy day, they will take damage; keep on running away from it until it dies. If it teleports away from you, keep doing your average things, and the Enderman will die.
  • Another great tactic to kill Enderman is demonstrated in this video called "How to Kill Enderman": This technique takes advantage of the 3 block tall Enderman versus the players' 2 block height.
  • As of 1.8 suffocation is no longer an effective way to kill endermen, since they will instantly teleport away upon taking damage.
  • You can perform preemptive strikes against Endermen by keeping your crosshair over them, which will cause them to stay still for several seconds, allowing for a "free" hit. A player can also get in the first hit by looking only at the Enderman's legs until they attack - though once hit, the Enderman will become aggressive as normal.
  • Endermen that wander into fire or lava will not teleport away, nor will they become aggressive to the player. This can be used to weaken or kill them, though the second will require that they be set on fire
    A horde of endermen

    A horde of endermen

    twice (likely by placing fire with a flint and steel) due to their high hit points.
  • Endermen cannot be killed by a player's use of a bow, arrows, snowballs, Instant Damage Potion, or eggs, as Endermen have an irritating tendency to teleport away from incoming projectiles. Because they do not get hurt upon impact, projectiles will not cause Endermen to become hostile. If a projectile does manage to somehow damage an Enderman, such as an accidental arrow hit from a skeleton while they are attacking the player, they will become hostile to the source of the damage. However if the bow has flame on it, the Enderman will be lit on fire before teleporting away, however the arrow still doesn't do damage.
  • Hostile Endermen will teleport away after a player hits them, though they also may attack first. Similarly, Endermen may teleport away several seconds after attacking. When this happens in a small underground space, the Enderman may teleport into inaccessible caves or to the surface and may or may not teleport back. Endermen have a common tendency to teleport behind the player, so caution is highly recommended. Standing in front of a body of water will prevent endermen from teleporting behind you, as they will take damage and then teleport away. Teleporting Endermen can be tracked by looking for the purple particle trail they leave behind and listening to the loud noises they make when they teleport.
  • Endermen can pick up TNT so if you see an endermen seeming interested in a block of TNT if you light it at the right time it will pick up the activated TNT and will blow up and can only escape by placing it back and then teleporting. Note: this is extremely rare.
  • Another semi-effective way of killing Endermen is to make a 4-block high pillar underneath yourself, then look at an Enderman. The Enderman will run toward you and come into melee range. You will be able to attack them, but they will not be able to attack you. Make sure there are no Skeletons nearby (meaning within 16 blocks), as they will shoot you off your pillar and make you a vulnerable target.
  • If you can trap an Enderman in a minecart, it will be unable to teleport, so you can put a water source block above the Enderman to kill it.
  • A quick, effective way to kill an Enderman is to quickly run towards one with or without a weapon (and without looking at its head), attack its legs once, and have four or more tamed wolves to finish it off.
  • A different approach to killing an Enderman is to make a bunker with a two block high interior and a one block slit to look out of. You can then provoke the Enderman by looking at it, the bunker will then prevent the Enderman from teleporting to you, while letting you attack its legs without getting hit. This also works in cave systems, if you should happen to find an Enderman lurking inside.
  • Another quite effective way to kill an Enderman is to set the ground on fire in front of it, and as it walks around set the ground around it on fire. It will not attack you, and it may be one of the only ways to get Ender Pearls without being attacked or having the Enderman teleport away. The only con here is that the Ender Pearl could be burnt up by the fire.
  • Another method of killing Endermen is to make a three block high room, and have one level of water. When you provoke the Enderman, and get him to teleport into the room, it will glitch, and (hopefully) eventually die.
  • Endermen do not seem to be able to teleport out of cobwebs. Endermen have been observed being stuck in cobwebs and, when struck with a sword multiple times, not teleporting away.


  • The Enderman was introduced in Beta 1.8, part one of the Adventure Update.[1][2]
  • Endermen used to burn in sunlight, but as of 1.9 pre-release 4, Endermen won't burn in daylight. They will instead teleport away when the player walks up to them in the daytime, making it extremely hard to get close enough to kill them. Even if you do manage to hit one in daylight, it will still teleport away from you.
  • At first, when Notch was still designing the Endermen, he thought they were not 'creepy' enough, coming with the idea that having a situation which the player would want to avoid could make the Enderman significantly more scary. This gave Notch the idea to implement the staring feature where aiming the crosshairs on the Enderman's face would cause a suspense in which breaking eyecontact would trigger an attack, as well as the Enderman having the ability to teleport so that when the player has stared at the Enderman they will have to face a consequence for that action.[3](When looking at an Enderman, its mouth will open. This can cause the mouth to look like it's going through its head, making it even creepier).
  • In the Beta 1.8 demo at PAX, Endermen dropped Diamonds as a placeholder.
  • In Beta 1.8pre1&2, Endermen originally had green eyes and emitted black smoke. The release of Beta 1.8 changed the eyes to purple and black smoke has been replaced with purple particles similar to the particles emitted from Nether portals.
  • In Beta 1.8 Pre-releases, Endermen were able to pick up any block, including bedrock.
  • Before the Sound Update, Endermen used zombie sounds as a place holder. On November 13, 2011 Endermen did receive their own audio scheme, most notably a long moan overlaid with static for while the player stares at them.
  • As of Beta 1.9pre4, the Endermen have a realm of their own: The End, where they spawn frequently.[4][5]
  • Notch stated "Endermen suck because they're annoying, and because I nerfed them and made them too easy. I shall fix this."[6]
    • Because of this, Endermen were modified in Beta 1.9pre3 to have 40 hp (instead of 20), requiring 6 hits from a Diamond sword to kill. Combined with their teleportation aspect, Endermen are more challenging.
  • Before Beta 1.9 pre-release, Endermen could be killed with the use of a bow. As of all the pre-releases, arrows, snowballs, and eggs will not hit them due to the fact that they teleport away before impact.
  • Enderman used to have plain white eyes like Herobrine in early versions. However, when they came in 1.8 they were changed to the purple enderman eyes.
  • Endermen are based on Slenderman.


Minecraft 101:01

Minecraft 1.8 Enderman Gameplay


  • If you wear a pumpkin by a Enderman, it may take the pumpkin.
  • The exact size of an Enderman is 0.6x0.6x2.9 blocks.
  • If the Ender Dragon hits an Enderman, the Enderman (assuming it survived the hit) will try to attack the Ender Dragon.
  • Endermen in the End do not pick up End stone.
  • When an Enderman picks up Mycelium you will see him holding the whole block, but the space the original block took up will only have the purple layer missing, leaving just a naked dirt block. This is technically a duplication glitch.
  • The name "Enderman" is a reference to the "Urban Myth" known as "the Slender Man", a similar-looking fictional cryptid. The name was given to the mob by Notch in a Minecraft Reddit thread. Also, in the Halloween texture pack, Endermen will look like Slender Man.
    • The audio for the Endermen could be a slight nod to the video and audio disrupting nature of the Slenderman's sigma radiation.
  • Endermen have the ability to open their mouths. In their texture, their jaw is separated from their skull[7] and in the 1.8 Official Trailer,[8] an Enderman attacked the camera with its mouth open. This makes the Enderman the first mob with the ability to physically open their mouths without simply switching to a different texture. They only open their mouths when they attack. Due to the player's perspective, the player sees the back of the Enderman's head when they open their mouths. If a player is one block higher, they see through the Enderman's open mouth. They open their mouths by moving their skulls higher than their jaw.
  • An Endermen's eyes glow in the dark, like a spider's eyes, and an Enderman's full body will glow in the fog, also similar to a Spider's body.
  • Endermen spawn in the rain, but will continuously teleport and take damage until they find shelter or, in some rare cases, die.
  • Since 1.9pre2 Endermen will teleport away whenever they are touched by water, or if shot at by a player's projectile.
  • If an Enderman is killed and its body touches the water, it will still teleport, and it will drop experience away from where it was killed.
  • Endermen can teleport very far, even when moving several hundred kilometers from them, they will continue to follow until killed or distracted by exterior elements such as water or rain.
  • It is unknown if there is a limit to the number of Endermen that can follow a player, but as shown here, 30 is not the maximum amount that can follow.
    2012-04-06 18.52.28

    A group of Endermen (known as a cluster) trying to attack the player (notice the Iron Golem approaching).

  • An effective way to gain easy experience is to go The End, make a 1x1 tower 4 high, stand on top of it, look at Endermen and have them teleport to you while you slaughter them. They cannot reach you because the tower is too tall.
  • Even in an aggressive state, they can still pick up blocks, which at times makes it seem as though they are tearing through walls to reach the player.
  • When an Enderman picks up a flower or a normal mushroom, those blocks will appear to be floating between their grasp.
  • Even though water/rain is harmful to them, it will still put out a burning Enderman.
  • Endermen are the only current mobs which spawn naturally pan-dimensionally, appearing both in the Overworld and the End. Zombie pigmen can be created in The Overworld if lightning strikes a pigsnow golem and iron golem can be made by the player anywhere, and chickens can be hatched from an egg anywhere - but these creatures do not naturally spawn. Iron Golem can naturally spawn in villages, if the village is large enough
  • Contrary to popular belief, Enderman are neutral mobs, not hostile. Most people think they are hostile because they spawn in the dark, do not spawn in peaceful, have the general essence of a hostile mob and sometimes beat the player to death.
  • Endermen continue to shake when provoked even while the game is paused.
  • Endermen can pick up blocks even if they are covered by paintings.
  • Endermen are the only neutral mob that do not get help from other Enderman when one is attacked
  • Enderman are the first 3 block high mob that have been introduced into the game. As of 12w08a, Iron Golems are the second.
  • Dark Ones, enemies found in the game Metro 2033, are another possible inspiration for the Endermen's appearance.
  • Enderman will not attack you if you are wearing a pumpkin over your head, because the reticule is blocked by it. Pressing 'f1" will make the pumpkin view disappear, however it still counts as having it on and Endermen still won't attack you (This is useful because as long as you know what slot your sword is in, you can have a full view while fighting at night).
  • Endermen take less damage from fire and lava than when they come in contact with water.
  • They are the 11th mob in the game, which may have inspired the music disc '11'.
  • There is a mob in The Stars Are Left DLC for Magicka called Endermen, which resemble the Minecraft mob and share the ability to teleport.
  • There is a glitch in SMP in which an Enderman doesn't teleport when it's raining.
  • It is possible to lead an Enderman off a high cliff right after he teleports, leading him to his demise.
  • Endermen in Minecraft XBLA are easier to kill with an iron sword, despite the fact that they have 20 hearts. Endermen also do not have the angered animation like they do in the PC Version.
  • Endermen are able to create snow golems and iron golems by picking up a pumpkin and placing it in the right place, though it is extremely rare for this to occur.
  • There is a glitch when looking at an Enderman in survival at day time; it will open and close it's mouth, giving it the appearance that it's talking.
  • It is said that the Enderman's sounds are actually people being recorded saying, "Hi" "Hey" and "What's up?"
  • Some fans believe that Enderman dimension jump when teleporting. They go into to the End, walk somewhere, and come out of the End back into the Overworld, far away from the Player.
  • It is rare but possible, thanks to a bug, for Endermen to spawn aggressive and agape (open-mouthed). This is because the Enderman has taken environmental damage.
  • If you start hitting the Enderman's legs when in contact with him, he will not teleport away from you.
  • They usually spawn in groups of around 4-5 presumably.
  • If an Enderman teleports, there is a chance of spawning an Endermite.
  • In snapshot 14w11a their speed got improved.
  • Enderman don't teleport away on Soul Sand unless angered.
  • If the player uses a Splash Potion of Invisibility on an Enderman, its eyes will still be visible, while the rest of it is invisible.
  • In 1.8, in spectator mode, if you 'possess' an Enderman, the colors will appear inverted.
  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition, Enderman sprint.


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