Entities are objects in Minecraft which have health points that are able to be diminished and are able to move, as opposed to blocks, most of which cannot move or do not have any health.

List of Entities

  • Solid, mobile things that can move around freely (a.k.a. Mobs).
  • Dropped items, blocks, and Experience Points
    • Has 0 health, so destroyed instantly when touching cactus and fire/lava
  • Boats
  • Minecarts
  • Flying projectiles (Eggs, arrows, snowballs)
    • Arrows will damage mobs and players. Eggs and snowballs will break on contact, arrows will break if it hits a mob/player. Eggs have a chance of spawning a chicken.
  • Fishing rod
    • Will catch a fish in water, will pull mobs towards one.  The head of the fishing rods name is 'Unknown'
  • Lightning
  • Falling/no-longer supported blocks
  • TNT
    • Primed TNT. Explodes after 4 seconds.

Other entities

  • Paintings, Item Frames, and Armor Stands and Ender Crystals are also entities. However, they are immobile and are aligned to the block grid.
  • Doors, portals, beds, and other objects larger than a single block are actually groups of adjacent blocks.
  • Technical Blocks, sometimes called block entities, are blocks with data tags (brewing stands, command blocks, chests, etc.)

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