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Farming is the method all game modes possess which involves planting seeds. The seeds grows slowly into their respective plant, which can be harvested. Most plants can be harvested simply by left-clicking the fully grown plant. When harvested, a plant usually drops seeds, which can be planted to plant more of that plant, continuing a cycle.


[Minecraft Basics: Basic Crops](

Plant types:

The types of plants that can be cultivated and reproduced include:

  • Wheat- The most basic plant in Minecraft. Wheat Seeds can be obtained by destroying Tall Grass or harvesting existing Wheat. Wheat is essential in the making of Cakes and Bread, as well as in the Breeding and luring of Cows, Sheep and Mooshrooms.
  • Melons- Arguably the most reliable food source although difficult to obtain initially. Melons can be found in Chests in Abandoned Mine Shafts and their Seeds are obtained by crafting a Melon Slice. A single seed can produce an infinite amount of Melons as long as the stalk remains intact and there is Dirt, Farmland or Grass next to the stalk.
  • Pumpkins- Pumpkins can be found naturally growing in spread out groups. Pumpkin Seeds can be found in Chests in Abandoned Mine Shafts. Four Pumpkin Seeds are produced by crafting a single pumpkin. Pumpkins grow the same way melons do making them extremely renewable. Pumpkins are not edible but can be crafted into Jack-O-Lanterns or worn as a helmet, or into Pumpkin Pie, which is edible. When worn, Pumpkins produce a unique visual effect as well as preventing Endermen from becoming aggressive when looked at.
  • Nether Wart- A fairly rare plant that can only be found and cultivated in The Nether. Nether Wart have no seeds, instead the item can be planted and reproduced. Nether Wart can be found in Nether Fortresses and can only be grown on Soul Sand. Netherwart does not need Light, Water, or any other conditions other than Soul Sand to grow. Netherwart is an essential item in the Brewing process.
  • Cocoa Beans- as of the 12w21b Snapshot, Cocoa Beans can be seen growing on jungle trees as Cocoa Pods. The beans themseves can be planted on the side of a Jungle tree to produce a Cocoa Pod. Cocoa Beans are required to craft Cookies.
  • Potatos - dropped from either Zombies or could be harvested in Villager farms, can be grown to produce 1 to 4 potatoes. Can be cooked to produce a more food-worth product.
  • Carrots- dropped from either Zombies or could be harvested in Villager farms, this is the only way to force a pig to follow you and breed it in the Pig farm. 

Animal types:

The types of animals that could be cultivated.

  • Dogs - If you need a bunch of tamed wolves to assist you in fighting the Hostile mobs in the night, take some meat to produce them, restore your hunger and to recover their health.
  • Chickens - A necessity farm to have, they will provide you with meat to feed your dogs, eggs for items and feathers for arrows. The only problem is you will have to throw the eggs into the field to increase chicken population, and the more irritating it gets the more chickens you have. Once you have about a few hundred chickens, craft 2 or 3 Stone Swords , or even better, craft Iron Tools of any kind , go into the farm and start to kill a lot of chickens by randomly hitting with the constant pressing of the mouse. This will net you quite a good amount of exp, and by cooking the raw chickens in a Furnace , you will earn even more exp as compared to using the Flint and_Steel. True, you could spread the damage to chickens quickly and kill them in a rapid rate the more the chickens you have, however this method will not net you with any experience. 
  • Pigs - Why have it when you have a chicken farm? Unless you cannot find Chickens in the wild, but that takes patience.
  • Sheeps - You can colour them with Various dyes and shear them for wool decorations for your place. Reproduce as many as you want if the need arises.
  • Cows - You can milk them and mass-reproduce Leather for books which could be enchanted or bookselves that could be used to power up the enchantment table, or you need some cheap leather armor.


  • In previous versions, wheat may wither and disappear (possibly being destroyed) Some people say this could be the work of the dreaded, but mysterious Herobrine , others say it is a bug. Notch has not commented on this.
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