Firework Star
Firework star
Firework Star
Type Functional
Uses Crafting a Firework Rocket
First Appearance 1.4.6
Data Values Hex: 192
Technical Name minecraft:firework_star



Firework Star is an item that was implemented in update 1.4.6, and determines the effect, color, and shape of a Firework Rocket. Using a dye will enable the Firework Star to portray a different color. Any dye is usable to create a Firework Star. If a player uses multiple dyes, they can make the Firework Star fade to a different color. In the PS3 Edition, a player must have some dye in order to try to craft a Firework Star; doing so will cause the crafting interface to turn into the fireworks crafting interface, which is basically the PS3 inventory with a crafting grid above it where items that cannot be used to make a Firework Star or Firework Rocket are grayed out and unselectable. In the PS3 edition, using multiple dyes changes the color of the star, with different orders of dye further changing the color. A fade to a different color is achieved by placing the Firework Star back in the interface and crafting it with more dyes in the PS3 edition.


When crafting a Firework Star adding one of these items to the crafting recipe adds a unique effect.

If a player does not add any of the items listed above, then their firework star will have a small ball effect. The trail and twinkle effects are compatible with the other effects.


  • Firework Stars look very similar to gunpowder, but they have a different shape.
  • Firework Stars also have the appearance of a more circular clay clump, but with gunpowder's color.
  • The color or colors of the dye or dyes used in creating a Firework Star changes the color of the colored bits on the inventory sprite of the Firework Star.

Video Tutorial

Tactical Minecraft EP

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