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Fishing is a semi-valuable skill that allows the player to gather fish or other items with a fishing rod, just as in the natural world.


Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 3.45.17 PM

An example of fishing.

Fishing provides a basic supply of food, as well as the material used to tame Ocelots. Fishing yields a small amount of Experience whenever a fish or item is successfully caught. Players are most likely to catch a fish when it is raining, or with an enchanted Fishing Rod. Possible fish that can be caught include regular fish, clownfish, pufferfish, or salmon. Normal fish and salmon can all be cooked, whereas a pufferfish can be used in Brewing. All fish can be eaten raw, but fish variations that can be cooked will restore less hunger. There are two enchantments that can be applied to the fishing rod: Luck of the Sea and Lure. Lure increases the rate at which fish will be attracted to the rod, whereas Luck of the Sea increases the possibility of finding junk or treasure.


  1. Equip a fishing rod.
  2. Right-click (default settings) while facing a body of water. (This can be as small as one cubic block, though the casting method becomes more difficult as your fishing area gets smaller.)
  3. Once the float has risen to the water's surface, watch for it to bob under the water.
  4. As soon as it bobs underwater, right-click again, and a fish should fly out of the water towards your feet. The fish will not always land at your feet. It will sometimes fall short or even fly over you.

Treasure and Junk



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