Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod
Type Tool
Uses 65
First Appearance Alpha 1.1.1
Data Values Hex: 15A
Technical Name minecraft:fishing_rod


Fishing Rods can be crafted using Sticks and String. It can be used by right-clicking water. The fishing rod had no use until the 2010 Halloween Update (Minecraft Alpha 1.3.1). Its primary role is to catch Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish or Pufferfish from any body of water such as small rivers or the vast Ocean Biomes. Another useful quality is that can be combined with a carrot to make a carrot on a stick as a way to steer while riding a pig.


Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 3.45.17 PM

A player fishing

Players can cast the line using the right mouse button. Right-clicking again will reel the line in. The rod can be cast and reeled in 33 times before it will break (65 uses total). Casting it in water and reeling it up without a catch or reeling it up before it reaches its destination does not reduce its durability. The line will "break" automatically if a player wanders more than 34 blocks away from the place the bobber is stuck in.

If the line is cast in any sort of water, whether a player made or naturally formed, after a while, the bobber on the end of the line will sink briefly before bobbing back up to the surface and will play the splash sound. The line must be reeled in at that precise moment otherwise the catch will escape. The line can be left there to wait for another catch opportunity as long as needed. If successful, a Raw Fish, Raw Salmon, Clownfish or Pufferfish will fly out of the water, and land somewhere around the fisher, although it can sometimes fly over a player's head and land far behind them. While waiting, bubbles can be seen closing in on the rod, which probably shows the fish coming.

Other uses for the fishing rod include pulling in Mobs closer to a player, pulling Minecarts, and guiding a Pig. It is especially helpful for mobs at a moderate distance from a player or for pulling a Ghast closer so they can be defeated with more ease. This technique is also useful against the Ender Dragon.


Fishing Rod
None None

In Crafting

An unused Fishing Rod can be combined with a Carrot to create a Carrot on a Stick.


A fishing rod can be enchanted as of Minecraft version 1.7. The current enchantments include:

  • Luck of the Sea- This enchantment makes it more likely to get treasure, such as a saddle or name tag, as opposed to a normal fish.
    • Luck of the Sea has Three levels; Luck of the Sea I, Luck of the Sea II, and Luck of the Sea III.
  • Lure- This enchantment makes it easier to catch fish (less wait time before the next bite). It can be thought of like this: It makes the rod more attractive to fish, therefore making them bite more often.
    • Lure has Three levels; Lure I, Lure II, and Lure III.
  • Unbreaking- Unbreaking can also be added to fishing rods, thus making the fishing rod lose durability much slower.
    • Unbreaking has Three levels; Unbreaking I, Unbreaking II, and Unbreaking III.


  • Fishing rods can be used offensively by right-clicking with the target in the path of the hook. This will do a half-heart of damage to a player, as well as inflicting knockback.
  • Items other than fish can be found when fishing, such as Saddles and Name Tags.
  • Fishing works underwater
  • Fishing works in Rain/Storms, which gives a better chance of finding fish (About every 15 seconds on average).

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