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Fly 2.0

A third person view of player flight.

Flight is activated by double-tapping the jump key (space) in Creative Mode. It can be used for flying up steep slopes, moving around the world quickly, or, if activated within the first 2.5 seconds of falling into The Void, can stop the player from being killed by Void Damage.


Minecraft PC

By default, ⇧ Shift will make you descend and space will make you rise. The basic w, a, s, d buttons are used to move. Double-tapping space again will initiate gravity once more. Alternatively, the player can just fly downwards until they touch the ground.

Pocket Edition

In Pocket Edition, tap the jump button (o) twice to enter fly mode. Use ^ to go forward, < to go left, > for right, and v for backwards. Press jump and ^ to fly upwards, and jump and v to go downwards. To exit flying mode, double-press jump again.

Playstation 3 Edition

In Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition, press PlayStationX twice to start flying, hold PlayStationX to go up, double tap PlayStationX again to enable gravity, and hold R3 (push right stick in) to descend. Use the left stick to move horizontally, and push it forwards twice quickly to sprint. While sprinting and flying simultaneously the movement plane changes in such a way as to cause forwards movement to go directly towards the crosshairs, not towards them and at the same altitude as before, as ordinary movement causes. The host of a game can enable flying in survival mode using the host privileges. Using host privileges disables trophies (achievements) and leaderboards.

XBox 360 Edition

In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, you can fly by double tapping the A button, then hold A to fly upward and hold the analog stick to lower yourself. Alternatively, you could press up and down on the D-pad to slowly move up and down. If you press the move stick forwards twice you can sprint-fly. It is also possible to fly in Survival Mode if you have host privileges on.(Notice host privileges will disable achievements and leaderboards)


  • Before update 1.4.4, if you were in Creative Mode and changed to Survival Mode while flying, you would fall to your death, no matter how high above the ground you were.

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