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257 This article is about multiplayer experiences and content and is not considered integral to the main experience of Minecraft. Some aspects of this article may differ between separate multiplayer servers. 257
The content featured on this page is about a feature that is not supported by Mojang.

floAuction is a Plug-In that was created by the Bukkit Plug-In organization. The floAuction plugin allows players to auction off items in Vault-supported economy systems. The floAuction plugin was recently rewritten to include the ability of queuing auctions (setting multiple auctions in a row), reserving funds, and the ability to suspend a player's auctioning ability.


  • The Vault Plugin
  • The WhatIsIt Plugin

Current Features

  • Base auction functionality.
  • Full language support using language.yml (and WhatIsIt for item names)
  • A hidden maximum bids option (with two options for the logic selectable in the config).
  • Reserves funds (takes funding from the player's account) when bidding to reduce fraud.
  • Reserves items (takes them out of player's inventory) when auctioning, then resets them if not bidded on.
  • Queue item delivery if the player is offline.
  • Logging auctions to file.
  • Optional bidding limits.
  • REMOVED in v2.4: Gold-standard option, uses gold nuggets/ingots/blocks (converts on the fly) instead of currency (forced on if no currency installed). (v 2.1.0-2.3.1) This was removed due to it being very buggy, and the GoldIsMoney plugin has been written to replace it.
  • Per user silencing of auctions: /auction [stfu/quiet/off/silent/silence]. (v 2.1+)
  • /auction shortcuts: s = start; c = cancel; e = end; i = info; (v 2.1+)
  • Configuration option to disallow creative mode bidding and auctioning. (v 2.1+)
  • Toggle for the ability of auctioning damaged items (will report damage if auction is allowed) (v 2.1+)
  • Queuing of auctions, with optional delays between auctions. (v 2.2+)
  • Suspension of auctions by command globally or per player. (v 2.2+)
  • Save list of pending-give items (for logged off players) to file to persist server restarts. (v2.2+)
  • Banned item list. (v 2.3+)
  • Tax settings and per auction tax. (v 2.3+)
  • Toggleability of hidden max bids. (v 2.3+)
  • Metrics (v2.3.1+)
  • Depositing tax funds to config.yml specified user account (v2.4+)
  • Prevent world change when auctioning or bidding. (v2.4.1+) Togglable in 2.4.2
  • Prevent gamemode change when auctioning or bidding. (v2.4.1+) Togglable in 2.4.2
  • Togglability of world change and gamemode change prevention as well as teleporting. (v2.4.2+)
  • Cancellation prevention from end of auction. (v2.4.2+)
  • Antisnipe auction extension.(v2.4.7+)
  • Displays book titles & authors (v2.5.0+)

Future Content

Planned Content

Planned Content that Bukkit is planning on releasing in a future update of floAuction:

  • Separating auctions out so that multiple auctions can run simultaneously.
  • Configurable relegation of auction broadcasts to Vault supported chat channels.
  • World-grouping of auctions. (useful for multi-inventory/multi-economy situations)
  • Suspension of auctions by command per channel.
  • Channel-grouping of auctions.
  • Add timestamp to log.
  • Server shutdown effects on active auctions.
  • Lengthen time of auction if bids happen within a certain proximity to the end of the auction.
  • Pre-auction setup (specify per user default auction parameters)

Possible Content

Possible content that Bukkit is not planning on adding to floAuction, but they may consider adding to it:

  • A "sell-to" option to keep down on people using auction software to trade things.
  • A "buy-now" option.
  • Scope auctions to an area.
  • Scope auction to a sign and control the sign.
  • Alternate delivery methods, possibly through chests.
  • A "/auction bump" to give a small, togglable reminder that there's an auction.
  • A configuration option to give the auciton software permission to withdraw the money from a player's bank if their personal account lacks sufficient funds.


  • /auction start (alternative /auction s); The default way of starting an auction, it begins a new auction with the item(s) held in hand.
    • /auction start <amount> <price> <bidding increments> <time>; The more adept way of auctioning. It allows the user to style the auction by being able to set a time period for it, the minimum bidding increments, the starting price, and desired amount.
  • /auction cancel (alternative /auction c); cancels the current auction.
  • /auction; brings up the main auction interface.
  • /bid; the default way of bidding. It bids the minimum bidding increment automatically.
    • /bid <amount>; Bids the listed amount of money.


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