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Creative Mode is where the player has unlimited usage of blocks, tools, and items. Tools will not lose durability. You can wear armor but it won't give armor points. You can also fly around your world. You can do anything you could do in survival, such as crafting, storage, etc. When opening your inventory in Creative, there is a scroll-down menu in which you can drag and drop items into your item bar (normal inventory, and full item list replacing crafting interface in PS3 edition). You can also, while holding an item with your mouse, get a stack of that item. 
New creative menu

The new creative menu (The arrows and the numbers you only get if there are more item groups than can be shone at one screen)


The Inventory Screen In Creative Mode.

You can only die if you fall out of the world and into the void or are targeted by the /kill command.


Survival Mode is where you have an experience bar, health, and  you can wear armor. Typical first-night homes are made from finding a ravine and digging a dugout or cave in the dirt, with a temporary 'door' made of dirt. Chop down trees to get wood and go to your inventory and turn them into wood planks, which can then be used to make a variety of tools and items. You can then make a Crafting Table, and Chest/Large Chest. Kill cows for Leather and Beef, then you can kill pigs for pork. You can kill Chickens as well since they drop Raw Chicken, eggs, and feathers. If you cook the raw chicken in a Furnace, it will give Cooked Chicken. To receive cobblestone from mining stone, one must have wooden tools. To get Iron, you need stone tools and so on. Recommendations for the first night are; finding wood, coal, stone, flowers(optional), chest and crafting table. Try to also find sheep to get wool and make a bed to speed up time. Finally, you can hit T in the game to open up the chat box. If you are in Survival Multiplayer, you can discuss plans and such.


Hardcore Mode is a mode in which when you create and play, it is similar to Survival except it is always on hard. Also, if you lose all your hearts and die, the world is deleted.

However, if you close the game without deleting the world, the world is saved.


Death Screen in Hardcore


Hardcore mode Button posted on twitter by Notch


In adventure mode, you can't place or destroy blocks. You can only activate levers, and buttons, and you can also open chests.


Spectator mode is a gamemode added in 1.8. It's only accessible through commands. The gamemode allows you to fly, like creative mode. However you can't stand on any block, otherly you will faze through the floor. It also allows you when left-clicking on entities, you will see what they see. However, you are controlled by they're AI.

Demo Mode


Demo Title Screen

The demo mode is a demo version of Minecraft for users who have not purchased the game yet and would like to try it out first.

Demo Screen

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is an unimplimented gamemode, but has been mentioned before. It is likely it won't come out in The Far Future update.

  • It may come out in the Holy 2.0 Update.

Capture The Flag Suggestion by Aylywyn

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