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Generated Structures are randomly-generated features found throughout a Minecraft world. Generated structures can be found in many Biomes, alternate dimensions, and can be either natural or manmade features.

The Overworld

The Overworld is home to many different generated structures.


Depending on biomes and the generator, the appearance of the terrain varies. Players can find hills, mountains, caves, ravines and a great amount of structures.


Main Article: Village Occasionally, players may encounter Villages. Villages are composed of several different buildings, Villagers, and sometimes an Iron Golem. Villages vary based on the biome in which they generate.


Players may find Desert Temples and Jungle Temples in biomes of the same name. These Temples contain treasures; however, one must be careful, as these temples have traps protecting their riches.


Players may find a variety of different structures underground. These include:

  • Dungeons - Small, cubic rooms made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. These contain a Mob Spawner and up to 2 chests.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts - Mineshafts are large, complex mazes of wood, rails, and cobwebs. Chests can be found in mine carts.
  • Strongholds - Strongholds are large structures found underground that houses the End Portal.

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