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Glass Bottle
Glass Bottle
Type Tools
Dropped by Witches
Data Values Hex: 176


Glass Bottles are small items that can be stacked and are a necessity for brewing. Glass bottles may contain potions and water, with potions only being able to be held after a water bottle has been used in a brewing stand. Any potion can be converted to a Splash Potion with gunpowder.


Screen shot 2012-04-29 at 12.10.42 AM


A potion of Regeneration.


Glass Bottles can be used for potions. To start making a potion, one must fill a bottle with water. This can be done with a cauldron filled with water, or at any source of water. Afterwards, the player must place up to three water bottles in a brewing stand with one ingredient, such as Nether Wart. If gunpowder is added to the potion, it will convert to a Splash Potion so players can throw these at other players or mobs.


  • There's a glitch in which when the player drinks a potion of poison and then a potion of regeneration would cause them to instantly die.
  • Witches sometimes drop empty glass bottles when killed. They may also drop bottles filled with water when killed. This makes glass bottles a renewable resource.

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