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Gold is a semi-rare ore that is used in crafting clocks and powered minecart rails found either underground or (in the first beta 1.9 pre-release) by killing Zombie Pigmen. It can also be used in crafting tools, weapons, and armor, but is not often used for this purpose due to the combination of its low durability and high rarity. It is technically considered a Renewable Resource because gold nuggets are dropped by a mob, Zombie Pigmen, though usually by small amounts. It mines cobblestone faster than any other pickaxe, but breaks after about 31-32 uses.

Gold armor and tools are very weak, but can have the strongest enchantments. Golden tools mine most blocks faster than diamond tools, but they break much faster .

Gold occurs in Minecraft in several forms. See these pages for details:

  • BlockCSS
    Gold Ore - Gold ore found deep underground. Can be smelted into Ingots.
  • BlockCSS
    Gold (Block) - Solid gold blocks that can be used for storage, decoration, making a part of the Nether Reactor, making the stronger version of the golden apple and building the pyramid of a Beacon. Can be broken into Ingots.
  • Gold Ingot - Gold ingots that can be used for crafting and sacrificed to a Beacon to activate or change it. Can be combined into Blocks or broken into Nuggets.
  • Gold Nugget - Yielded from Zombie Pigmen, can be combined into Ingots or crafted with certain food items to obtain potion ingredients or enhanced food.

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