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Grass Path Blocks
Grass Path
First Appearance 1.9 Combat Update
Type of Block Solid Block
Obeys Physics?

Grass Path Blocks are the new sidewalks you can find in villages. Before the 1.9 update, these were Gravel sidewalks. For the player to make this, he/she has to right click with a shovel only on a grass block. It first appearing in Minecraft: Pocket Edition in the 1.1.0 update.


You can use it as a sidewalk, as seen in villages.


  • If a player puts a block on a Grass Path Block, the grass path block will turn into dirt.
    • Additionally, if a player puts a Trapdoor or an Iron Trap door on top of a grass path block, the block will turn into dirt.
  • The grass path block looks a little like a lighter color of Podzol.

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