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Hardcore Mode is the highest difficulty level a player can choose in Minecraft.




Hardcore mode Button posted on twitter by Notch

While playing hardcore mode, the game is set to “hardcore” difficulty, which only differs from “Hard” difficulty in that it cannot be changed to another difficulty while playing the world. There is no bonus chest, and cheats are not allowed. When a player dies, the "game over" screen only offers a button to delete the world, instead of the respawn and title menu buttons which appear in Survival mode. However, in the 1.9 update, a brand new button was added that put the player in Spectator Mode they could look at the world for one last time. Although, the save still exists until the Delete World button is pressed, leaving the opportunity for one to keep the world by using 3rd party tools. Exiting the client and loading the world again only reloads the game at the "game over" screen. Hardcore is available in Multiplayer, but if the player dies, he/she cannot connect to the server again. Instead, the player will see a message stating: "You're banned from this server".

Hardcore mode should not be confused with the mini-game "ultra hardcore mode", where players do not naturally regenerate health.


  • It is recommended that beginners play an easier Difficulty first before attempting hardcore mode.
  • Do not enter Caves unless prepared with at least iron Armor, a Sword and a Pickaxe.
  • Do not go to The Nether or The End unless totally prepared.
  • Do not be afraid of losing items in your Inventory.
  • You only have one life. Remember that if you die, it's game over for you, so it is not wise to leave behind good gear "in case you die".
  • Do not try to make an epic world in hardcore mode or it might be lost!


  • While playing hardcore mode, the heart icon of the life gauge is different. The heart is like a normal heart, but has 2 black lines on the sides.
  • In the world selection screen, Hardcore mode is written in red.
  • If a world in hardcore mode is created with the Beta 1.9 pre-release, then played with the Beta 1.8 version, the world is permanently converted into a standard survival mode world.
  • In hardcore mode, a player receives a score once they die, as shown in the gallery below.
  • When Notch announced Hardcore mode on Twitter, he also posted an image of an "Ultra Hardcore" mode where the premium status of the player's user account is revoked on death. Obviously, this turned out to be a joke.
  • In the joke update 2.0, hardcore mode had a super-hostile mode instead of hard, where huge "waves" of monsters would suddenly appear and Lightning would randomly strike the ground


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