Hardened Clay
A Terracotta block
First Appearance 1.6.1 (PC)
0.9.0 (MC:PE)
TU19 (console)
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Wpickaxe
Data Values Hex: AC
Blast Resistance 21
Obeys Physics
For the decorative block obtained via smelting, see Glazed Terracotta.

Terracotta (known as Stained Clay and Hardened Clay before 1.12) is the baked version of a Clay Block that is used as a decorative building material.


Terracotta occurs naturally in Mesa Biomes in large quantities, but it can also be created by Smelting a regular clay block in a Furnace.


When terracotta is broken, it does not drop clay, but instead it drops the Terracotta block itself. However, it can only be gathered by using a Pickaxe, or it will simply be destroyed.

Terracotta has the same blast resistance as most other Stone blocks, which is significantly higher than a regular block of clay. A block of terracotta, when one meter away from a Creeper Explosion, will protect any blocks behind it. However, the terracotta block itself will be destroyed in the process.

Terracotta can be smelted to produce Glazed Terracotta.


Stained clay

Terracotta can be "stained" many different colors, similar to Wool, Concrete Powder, and Glass. Simply place 8 blocks around the edge of a Crafting Table interface, with the desired dye in the middle square (as pictured).


  • Stained Clay retains a darkened hue after being dyed from the original red/brown.
  • As of update 1.8, Stained Clay replaced Wool in Desert Temples.
  • Terracotta has a smoother look compared to Wool.
  • Terracotta Blocks are useful for creating pixel art, or creating houses. Like Bricks, they are not used for anything other than building.


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