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Type of Block Decoration
Heads are decorative blocks added in Update 1.4 (the Pretty Scary Update) that, as well as being able to be placed, can be worn by any humanoid mob as a helmet. There are five different heads that can be obtained: Creeper, Human, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, and Zombie. The Wither Skeleton head may be obtained by killing Wither Skeletons, and as of 1.8, the Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie heads may be obtained by killing the respective mob with a Charged Creeper explosion.There is no way to obtain a Player head in survival without cheats. However, you are able to recreate a specific Player's head with the command "/give (username) 397 1 3 {SkullOwner:(username)}".


The Wither Skeleton's head, a rare drop, can be used to create the Wither, a boss utility mob. Creating the wither is similar to creating an Iron Golem. You will need three wither skulls and four blocks of Soul Sand. After placing the Soul Sand in a T-shape, place the three wither skulls on the T-shape to spawn the Wither.


 *In 1.9 snapshots, there is a new type of head: dragon heads.

  • Heads can be placed in eight different directions, but cannot face upwards or downwards.
  • Heads cannot be pushed by pistons.
  • A head will turn into an item if Water or Lava touches it.
  • Heads can be placed on the side of blocks, but will not face the direction of the player, but forwards.
  • Using MC edit Player skin can reference a minecraft account
  • Heads cannot be stacked except with the use of third party programs.
  • Heads can also be used as helmets, but will not provide protection.
  • You can also get food heads by using an MFH tag on a head. However, if you spell wrong on MFH you will get an Alex head.



Minecrftpokekai, Notch, and Jeb_'s minecraft heads on eyes of ender.


some mlh heads


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