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A player with low health.

Health is the meter of endurance in all versions of Minecraft. (The player's health is represented by the number of hearts he/she has.) It measures the damage taken by mobs, TNT, or other things that could kill or hurt the player (only during Survival Mode and Adventure Mode).

Hot bar, health bar, hunger bar and level bar

The health bar is located beside the Hunger Meter, and above the Experience Meter. When your Hunger Meter is at 9.5 or completely full, you will slowly regain your health. When your health is very low, your health bar will start shaking. The speed that the player's health regenerates varies depending on the Difficulty the game is on. The player has 10 hearts which is equal to 20 points of health, as 1 heart counts for 2 points of health.



Death screen in hardcore

Death can occur when a player has lost all of their health. A screen will appear and offer the choice of either respawning (going back to the original spawn point or bed) or returning to the main menu (the death screen will still be there upon re-entering the world). Hardcore Mode does not offer the option of respawning - players can only delete the world.

Mob health

This is a table showing how much health each mob has. When their health runs out they die. They can die from lava, fall damage, drowning, suffocation, and from other mobs. For example, a creeper may attack a skeleton if its arrow hits the creeper.

Mob Health
Cat 5x Heart
Wolf 4x Heart
Ocelot 5x Heart
Horse 20x Heart
Squid 5x Heart
Bat 3x Heart
Iron Golem 50x Heart
Snow Golem 3x Heart
Cow 5x Heart
Pig 5x Heart
Sheep 4x Heart
Chicken 2x Heart
Creeper 10x Heart
Zombie 10x Heart
Skeleton 10x Heart
Enderman 20x Heart
Zombie Pigman 10x Heart
Blaze 10x Heart
Silverfish 1x Heart
Ghast 5x Heart
Enderdragon 100x Heart

150x Heart

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