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Brown Huge Mushroom
Brown mushroom block2
First Appearance Beta 1.8-
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Axe Graphic
Data Values Hex: 63
Stackable? Yes:32
Red Huge Mushroom
RM Huge Outer
First Appearance Beta 1.8-
Type of Block Solid Block
Tool Used Axe Graphic
Data Values Hex: 6
Obeys Physics?
Huge Mushrooms are a naturally occurring structure which was added to the game in Beta 1.8. They spawn in the Swamp Biome, the Roofed Forest Biome(sometimes called a Dark Oak Biome), and their own biome, the Mushroom Island Biome. They are the rarest Biomes in Minecraft, making them hard to find.


Huge mushrooms can be created by the player using Bonemeal on a regular red or brown Mushroom, provided there is room for the Huge Mushroom to grow. When picked, it provides many mushrooms. The shape of the Huge Mushroom varies depending on the type of mushroom enlarged. Unlike a Tree, the cap of the Huge Mushroom will stay in the air after the stump has been cut down. Aside from color differences, the Huge Red Mushroom is taller than the Huge Brown Mushroom, with a taller stem. However, the cap of the Brown Mushroom is larger. The inside of the Red Mushroom cap is hollow, while the Brown Mushroom has a completely flat top.


The top of a Huge Brown Mushroom makes a nice elevated building platform if access can be gained by ladders, a hillside, man-made towers etc. Both Huge Mushrooms are a Renewable Resource. Red Mushrooms are able to make reasonable temporary shelters so long as the player has enough material to surround the perimeter, seeing as the cap of the Huge Red Mushroom is only two blocks above the ground. Therefor you would need 18 blocks to make a basic corner-less shelter. Huge Brown Mushrooms could also be used in the same way, except with the corners added in you require 26 blocks, the inside is actually fairly roomy.

Making Huge Mushrooms

You must place a 5 x 5 cover above it depending on the height(must be at least 6 blocks above the mushroom). then put a dirt below the cover and put a mushroom onto it. Then put Bonemeal on the Mushroom.


  • When a piece of the Huge Mushroom is broken, it has a chance of dropping 0-4 Mushrooms of its respective type.
  • Some people would say that huge mushrooms are like trees, as they have a birch log colour and they can be grown from normal mushrooms, which in a way is like how trees grow from Saplings.
  • Huge Mushroom stems are retextured birch wood blocks.


Natural Plant Life

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