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Health Points 20HP (10x Heart)
Attack Strength 2HP (1x Heart)
Drops Inventory contents, Apple if logged in as Notch
Spawn The spawnpoint of the world, or the players bed
Savegame ID char
Experience Points Up to 5 levels of experience depending on the amount the player was carrying upon death.


Skin alex
All stat points same as Steve

[view][talk] Steve is the original default player skin, and appears to be a Male. As of the Bountiful Update, also known as 1.8, a second, female default skin became available, with shorter arms, known as Alex.

The various Console editions have 8 variations of Steve; the default Steve, Boxer Steve, Cyclist Steve, Tennis Steve, Scottish Steve, Prisoner Steve, Tuxedo Steve, and Athlete Steve. Most of these variations look very different compared to the regular Steve


Steve has dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, dark skin, a cyan t-shirt, and blue jeans.

Alex has orange hair in a ponytail (seen pulled over her left shoulder), green eyes, pale skin, a green tunic, and brown pants.

A Player' skin can be changed either through the player's account, or through downloading a skin and replacing the necessary files found in the %appdata% folder in the player's computer.


To be replaced with history actually referring to the player themselves, rather then the Human mob, which should be a separate page.


  • Players use the skin file named char.png in the minecraft.jar file.
  • Player's attack strength unarmed was increased in 1.5 from a half-heart to one-heart.


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